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1Emulation Podcast Test (8/28/2007)

Podcast Test  

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Yesterday evening, we experienced our first Podcast test. Beware, it's choppy, it's low quality, and has some sound issues, but it ain't bad for a first time. We're working on making it a lot better. I haven't worked on anything like this since the Summer Radio Show of the Year in 2005.


For the podcast test.. we have the following hosts:


- Wizard (a.k.a. K`dash)

- Reaper_Man

- Mooney


Running time: 20 minutes

Filesize: 8.05 MB


»» Listen to the Podcast Test!

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I was impressed how the three of them were able to talk so fluently without going um.. ah.. like I would. Mooney's voice broke up a bit sometimes but on the whole yeah it was awesome. Hope to hear more!

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What sort of topics of conversation are you planning on covering in this podcast?

Well, we had a few topics that we didn't cover in the 20 minutes GameCop gave us, which included PSP homebrew, Manhunt 2 ESRB rating, and some PS2 exploit stuff. For future podcasts, I assume we'll cover whatever is in gaming, emulation, or tech news.

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