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1Emulation Podcast Test (8/28/2007)

Podcast Test  

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Everyone should take thier turn and not interupt but it was very good for a first time thing. Hope we get to see more.


PS: I really wanted to know more about homebrew for the PSP ;)


EDIT: Oh and thanks for confirming the thing about Bioshock Demo (Forgot who did).

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Someone should make a Topic about possible topics for the Podcast (i dont want to do one, im to lazy and want to go to sleep but good night everyone).

We did have a topic list, only problem was time.

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It's in the talks. We're all deciding how and what we should do and in what type of broadcasting format (i.e. the show format).

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I can garuntee that I am on board and both Reaper_man & mooney if both aren't busy.

Sure, I have nothing better to do. ;)

That's because we never have anything better to do :V LIFE AS AN INSPIRING WRITER IS A HARDLIFE.

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