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MY fellow emu-brothers(sistas)!

Dry your tears! For I, the Bad Batter have returned! Its saddening that i wasn't able to work on my last chapter which was supposed to be out a long time ago, but i'm gonna hop on it after i check back in.

normally i would only post if i uploaded a new chapter but I was just making sure u haven't forgotten about me. So I'll just provide is a little preview:

-Rated R-

*Announcer voice*

In a world, where power is all you live for...

A man must confront his past.. "No, not Maggy....Magnis"

A rookie must become a pro.. "All i have is my bat! Thats all i need!!"

A hero must make a decision.. "In this current group, i cannot become stronger".

When their home is threatened, they will stand, but none of them knew just how alone they were...."Are you all aware of your surroundings?"

*crazy action music & explosions! Then silence*


Gryph's voice: I own this city...

GameCop's voice: Over my dead body...

Gryph's voice: Understood........YAH!!!!


-Coming soon-

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Cut the crap and release book 1's finaly.


Davis attacked Shoma with a Tank (339 str) and took off 375!

Shoma has 0 HP left!

Shoma is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!!

You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen).

You gain: 95 EXP points!!!!


I mean it.

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You're right Drake (yea, i'm still gonna call u that ) therefor...

CHAPTER 10 RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :huh::D

Chapter 10 : A war worthy of remembrance!


Okay.... I never like to mix pure action with meaningful info so i split it up!

This will set everything and everyone in place for mayhem that will take place!

Gather all your will and power.... for this is it!

New faces:


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YOSHA! TIme for da action! Everyone needs to fight, which means....

CHAPTER 10 [Part 2] RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P:clapping:

Chapter 10(pt2) : The Nightmare


GameCop and GRpyh finally go at it! Though mysteries are not yet explained. Also, someone is having a hard time being labeled "weak", and will do ANYTHING to prove he is not! (And you all thought he was soo noble!)

New faces:


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Just a question... did the attack names seem.....corny?

A little yes, but isn't that how it's supposed to be?

In a sense yes^^.

But not to the point where the reader is like...."Aw, that was so gay!"

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YOSHA! Been soooo long but I've returned with da power of ZEUS and ODIN Combined! Therefore.....

CHAPTER 11 RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P:(

Chapter 11 : The Deadliest Groove. Final Fight!



Magnis finally makes his appearance and Robert shows one of his newly found weapons against Yagami. It's the richest man in 1emu vs the Magnis! Let the melody be that of sexy mayhem!

New faces:


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