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Awesome updates Shoma. You're updating a lot quicker than usual. Story is pretty good. Liking the new characters and seeing members being integrated in there. Hope KGo makes an appearance soon :D

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OKay, its a bit of a spoiler but I didnt wait till my chapters were done.

ANyway, with my mediocre talents, I came up with a new design(how i pictured him). After he became the leader of the K.G.O! SO yeah


BUt now I heard he left being tghe leader of kgo which is like "omg there goes a chunk of my plot"!

Sorry its so big, i dont really know how shrink^^.

If you notice, the jacket doest hav a hood but he's wearing a separate hood

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I just finished my two reserach papers... So.......

CHAPTER 4 RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:thumbsup1:

Chapter 4: Silent Crepp


This is the "happy time" chapter, but in reality it was just the setup for the upcoming mayhem. Samurai Edge meets a new friend and we find out YAgami's deep secret!!!! BUt what's this? KGO Is making thier move...but discreetly.

New faces:

Bambi, Devia Eleven, Darken

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