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Lot of changes in the FAS recently...

- Wizard became unfairly strong and started his own guild

- Robert stepped down as leader of kGo and Devia Eleven took over

- I looted kGo's treasury and left the guild :punk:



Man I should of did that, I'm broke now.


edit; Magnis is now known as Sakon too.

YOu two are now apart of "SHoma's Liberal Way's Inc."!!!

Thanks for update cuz I wasnt gonna check back with for a long time.

The name issue has already been decided, the first two changes Mooney mentioned is quite troublesome but I can try to ride along with the changes!


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New members are coming everyday so even though its a little hobby of mine I present the 1emuadventure FAQ for all new comers who are curious and like to read.


For all new members who like to read.

-Wat's 1EmuAdventure?:

1EmuAventure is an fan fictional story(on-going) written by Shoma just for fun.

The story usually involves the members of 1emu.

-Will I be in it?:

Who and how I put people in the story, is up to me. But feel free to request a spotlight.

Now I do look at the person's avatar for inspiration,

(Ex: Jeag's avatar is a flag with a skeleton on it = He's a pirate skeleton on the story.)

So I might decline if your avatar is a pic of you sleeping or something simple and normal like that.

Reverting avatars into live characters with personality and attacks is kinda troublesome but fun.

-Is there like any rules to be put in?:

Will since its not like any honor or whatever, no. But I only put in active (mostly only premium)members, because it's interesting to hear their feedback on how I portrayed their 1emu alter ego.

-How many people read this?:

Based on comments, only a handful!^^ But I've got some people who only told me at the very end when I finished. There are some who probably just read and dont post anything so I dunno( I might take a poll).

-Where do I go to read this?

AH HA! Forgot that, go to the blog section, and click on "Shoma's Liberal Ways".

Or just click this link: Shoma's Liberal Ways

-How much have you've written already?

I just recently finished Volume 1, which was 12 Chapters(1EmuAdventure Saga). I'm currently working on Volume 2 (1EmuAdventure Saga 2)...

-I want the read very first chapter in the Volume 1!

You'll have to go to the side menu bar where it says "Categories" and click "1EmuAdventure Saga". NOw the only problem is the posts are labeled by latest so you'll have to go to the first page and start at the bottom post. You can either read the chapter sharing a page or click the HEadline (EX: 1Emu Adventure : Chap 1) and open it in its own page, after that, just work yourself up from there.

-I like this chapter, I want to give you some props!/ I hated this chapter, I wanna curse you!:

Just post however you feel at the bottom of the chapter where it says "Fast" or "Post" reply. Or post your thoughts on this thread, "-+ 1emu Adventure's Official Thread-+".

-I'm waiting on the new chapter to come out!:

Good, keep doing that, I got a little more stuff to write this time around so I wont be able to write chapters as fast as I used to, so bare with me. This thread will let you know everything, so will the "When did you last update your blog" thread.

-Can I suggest some stuff I want to happen in the story?:

Since I don't usually role with a outline for this, Yes! However I cant assure that I will use your ideas.

-I cant find this guy in the story on 1emu?:

With very few exceptions, I make up characters completely. The other reason is that the person who I was basing my character on, has changed his name and avatar. Example (Magnis = Sakon). Some still kept their original avatar from since then.(Ex: GameCop)

-I don't like to read that much.:

Then you might not last long keeping up with the story, especially if you haven't read the first volume. It's only if you dont mind reading for entertainment.

-Why did you create this FAQ?:

Because..........Reading is Fundamental! And yes there will be errors in some chapters that I overlooked, but read for the joy of it! So while you're posting nonsense, read a exclusive story only found here!!!! :punk:

Edited by Shoma
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CHAPTER 2 RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P:D

Chapter 2: Still Weak


Okay! Shoma moment right here! Shoma has gotten a little out of hand, and is letting his emotions get the better of him. Instead of fighting DropDead, he has to fight someone else due to his crazy behavior. The Shoma who fought through all of the first volume realizes something depressing...

New faces:


Edited by Shoma
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Everyone gettin so fickle on FAS, however...............

CHAPTER 3 RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :peopleseybrow::clapping:

Chapter 3 : Newcomers' First Impression/K.G.O?


A group a new comers come from different places to join 1emu for a new life. Sadly their fisrt impression was a fierce battle, especially when Jeag got a little out of hand.They finally hear about the KGO. Someone dies and Yagami comes across some old friends or enemies.

New faces:

Ahmad89, Gmynist1026, Samurai Edge, Chaotica and Lord_Snow

Edited by Shoma
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Very good shi t shoma

Thanx, but did you see that male organ bs!?

I was proofreading on the blog and i was like... when did I type that!?

The guy's name is male organ for cryin out loud!



OMG I'm gonna have to change the dude's name!!

Okay I changed the green vest assassin's name from D-i-c-k to Dave (I think that name is soo gay).

So there's your update!

Edited by Shoma
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