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SO you want me to throw a little pokemon style into this? lol!?

And just by looking at your avatar, making a spikey haired flamer user "Evolve" into a bald wizard with glasses is pretty uh... challenging.(to say da least)

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Chapter 1: A Letter of Reform


After the rebellion things have been pretty quiet, which scares Yagami the most. His fears are realized when's confronted by some odd men. Meanwhile SHoma gets pissed a newcomer for the NMO.

New Faces:

DropDeadEd, Rawrthness and onetrueblade

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:P....Well....Um...Thanks for the dire concern for my future literary submissions....However, I implore to actually read it...

Also my previous post clearly stated I will do no such thing so you can put your worries to rest......Moving on........


I hav a problem here guys; I wanna keep some(most) of the characters from the first volume on but many have changed their avatars and/or name. Should I keep the description the same as before or what?

*Lookin at Davis*


Keep them the same as before.

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K`dash into WIZARD





I hope it doesn't turn out gay as hell.

Thanks for not putting pressure on me^^. But does have to be a type of "transformation" pre se? Cuz I've been goin back and forth on how this could work out.

WAit....no i think something just hit me...It sounds cool right now, but will it be gay whe i put it down on paper? lol

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Lot of changes in the FAS recently...

- Wizard became unfairly strong and started his own guild

- Robert stepped down as leader of kGo and Devia Eleven took over

- I looted kGo's treasury and left the guild :kramer2:

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