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Since im finished I thought i would share my views on the second installment of the 1EmuAdventure series.


Well hey everyone, I'm writer Shoma and I'll be doing a lil commentary of the story here.

Basic summary would be, GC left with Maggy for a lil trip, while doing so, 1emu was attacked by DMCA(know ur emulation) and the uprising KGO(Know ur FAS). The leader, Robert joined forces with DMCA to help destroy the city in which he would rebuild a better city. Ever since 1emu volume 1, RObert been slowly becoming more evil since he started using the masks(know ur Zelda). He started to lose focus of that ideal and simple later on, just wanted to enjoy the violence. WE threw attention away from SHoma and focused on the big wigs and i thought that was a better idea.

It first started out pretty fresh, I loved the new characters and how they came out when i finally read it after many proof-reads. I honestly must, my fav part would be when the newcomers came along, in which gave the readers something new to look forward as to not keep seeing the same chars.

Problem is, I didn't receive too many requests and i ran out of ideas and so it summed around Yagami, who actually asked for a bigger part.

FatalRose was just thrown in as well, but he somehow felt perfect with Yagami and thus i had him there til the very end. GC owned the last series and so did Agozer, I thought not showing Agozer fight but just showing his victory was enough. I failed to explain why Agozer didnt interfere but i left the hints in when he was talking to Magnis.

I think all their major Admnis & Mods have their starlight. I wanted to use LSD later on in the chapter, but it woulda been too sloppy.


In then end, t he Volume revolved around Yagami and his view upon his life and dreams and his bond with Robert.

I loved the Shoma&Teck fight scene. 64 Blazes of glory just looked too cool in my head.

Sorry for throwing a bunch of fighter chapters at the end. But that was a problem that i failed to see so I passed it.I even ran over the fight with the last agent and just explained the battle afterward showing his defeat.


On a serious note, I noticed the moral of 1emu members with decreasing posts and whatnot and chose that to be reason behind the destruction of the city. IT turned out pretty well; I threw some motivation in for the members who are concerned about such matters and let them know how I feel about the situation, so there it is.

It's about friendship, dreams, action and most of all, the endurance of 1EMu's purpose!

*Much love to words, for they define me.*

Thanks once again for reading!

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looks like i have alot of reading to catch up on :)


good work apparently though, i always like being a character :)

I posted the same question on da blog, which is:


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Here all my unedited art i drew.

Except for making the lines darker which the cpu did...rather..........poorly...






I will upload the rest once i find them....



Edited by Shoma
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