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What is the best console system?

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Even though I had a Master System first, my SNES was played a million times more. Zelda, SF2, SMW, Sim City(!), Super Tennis, Secret of Mana, Cybernator, Madden, Pilotwings, Super GnG, Mario Kart, Castlevania etc *drools* (zsnesbox is calling)


Totally unrelated but I found a pack of near mint SF2 cards that were given away with some old UK mag, probably Mean Machines. I'll post a pic or two to see if anyone can help me identify their origins.




and here, and here for all 12.

those cards are from mean machines,they came free with an issue which reviewed the japanese release of streetfighter2 may or june91 issue i think :naughty:

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I never owned a console as a kid because they never existed then, and if they had, we couldn't have afforded one. In fact I've never owned a console until last year when my mother found an old SNES and I fixed it, but it got misplaced when I moved most of my stuff to the new house.

So with the exception of emulators, how did you play any games??


PC only. And emulators (mostly MAME).

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