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After seeing a thread about obscure Snes games on Hardcore gaming (Credit to you guys over there), I decided that I wanted to do the same with MAME. There are thousands of games on MAME and new ones keep being added to them. People don't really have the time nor the willpower to play all of them. Let's post our favorite/interesting/stupid/funny games that are worth some time to look into.


My First entry would be Avenging Spirit




In this game you take control of a little ghost who can possess enemy characters. Each enemy is different

and have different attacks/hp/speed.




Each person you possess has a life bar. When it runs out, you exit the body and have to find a new host to

go inside. When that big orange energy bar runs out, you lose the game. There are powerups scattered

in the game to increase that orange bar




The damage you take is pretty huge. Be careful not to get hit. You can't get hit while you in ghost form,

but you do lose energy until you can find a new host.




The actual story to the game is that you were brought into the world to rescue a professor's daughters.

In order to do that, you have to obtain 3 keys scattered in the game. Otherwise, you don't free her.




Avenging Spirit is a neat little game you can play for a good 20-30 minutes or so. Or even just for 2-3 minutes just to screw around possessing the different enemies.

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Excellent thread, I hope this goes on for at least a little while. Now, to find some screens of this game I have in mind...


Sexy Parodius




As you may or may not know, the Parodius series is Konami's colorful and hilarious horizontal shooter that gratuitously rips off Konami's other famed shooter, Gradius. Although the main theme comes from Gradius in a twisted kind of way, another Konami titles get their share of the fun as well. There's a good number of characters to choose from, ranging from a blue stick figure named Koitsu, a bunny girl riding bullet/missile and the Vic Viper from Gradius, among others.




Bosses are just as wacky and imaginative as one would expect from a Parodius game. You get to a fight a nude lady (of my), penguins, a huge corn, etc. etc. And finally, the game is monumentally difficult, with brancing paths that you have to unlock by getting a quota of items in the previous level.




Despite that grueling difficulty, you shouldn't pass this game up.


P.S. Check out Koitsu's shield.

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Ok next submission. You guys can make comments and stuff if you want; you don't have to respond with your own game. I probably won't do this daily but I'll keep adding to it. (shrug)


Anyways, the next game I'll put up is


Circus Charlie




In this game, you play as a clown named Charlie who is trying to gain fame as a circus performer. Charlie has

6 stages he can choose from: Lion, Tightrope, Trampoline, Ball walking, Horse Riding, and Trapeze Artist.




In each level, Charlie has to get to the end without messing up. The faster he completes the level, the more

points he can get. There are additional bonuses for grabbing money bags and doing harder trick (Such as

jumping over two gorillas instead of one)




Obstacles await Charlie in each level. Screwing up in a level results in a lower bonus you can obtain. But

don't worry! You don't have to do the whole level again.




I find this a pretty fun old game for a quick play. It doesn't take long to play one single level. The six different levels provide a good variety to the overall gameplay. I feel that the difficulty levels are kind of

off. I think the rolling balls level is the hardest of them all and the trampoline is one of the easier ones. But hey, who knows?




Damn those monkeys.

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Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy


Manufacturer: SNK

Year: 1994

Maximum number of Players: 2




This is a pretty cool game, I haven't had a whole lot of time to play it, but it seems pretty cool. It combines classic platformer game play with beat-em-up action and button mashing.




There are lots of interesting things, like your character's stretchy arms, for example, that make the game a little more fun to play. You are also given a timer to make sure you work fast, but you can pick up items that give you more time.




I'll have to play this game a bit more to really get a feel for it... :)

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Yup, Top-Hunter is a bit like a poor man's Metal Slug, but that doesn't make it any less fun.


More MAME-only games plz, although I guess Neo-Geo contributions are fine too. MAME just has more obscure gems that run on a plethora of hardware.

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Cool, and pretty much unknown, 2D scrolling platformer from Irem with good gfx, catchy music and addictive gameplay. IIRC it got a home port or two as well, though the arcade version was Jap only.

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More MAME-only games plz, although I guess Neo-Geo contributions are fine too. MAME just has more obscure gems that run on a plethora of hardware.


Neogeo is in Mame so it counts :banghead: After all Mame is a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator


Anyway I have a game in Mame but I doubt it counts since its not offically supported





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I haven't posted in a while. I'll hopefully do some more this weekend.


Anyways, I begin with Bonanza Bros. (Yes I know this game is on genesis but it's as fun to play on MAME)



The Bonanza Bros are well known thieves who are given a mission to grab valuable items from heavily

secured places such as banks. Armed with a gun, you are to infilitrate these places, grab the items, and escape

via blimp.



In this game, your Bro can jump and shoot. You are able to hide in crevices and jump onto higher grounds to avoid the enemy and to dodge bullets. You can also slam your enemy against the wall by opening the door in their face. This game will have you moving around a lot to avoid those pesky guards. Unfortunately, you can't jump over the guards :)



There's also a map which shows where the valuables are. If you're playing with a friend, you can split up and

take different paths to grab the valuables and get a better score at the end (due to the timer). Or you can just be complete asses to each other and grab each other's valuables when the other dies. It's your choice.




Overall, Bonanza Bros is good for a quick game or so. The levels dont take that long to finish and the levels are pretty structured differently to keep the game idea fresh.

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Anyways, I begin with Bonanza Bros. (Yes I know this game is on genesis but it's as fun to play on MAME)


If its an Arcade game and in Mame then it does not matter .

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