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How would you boost 1Emulation's forum/site activity?


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How about a "Put this code on your myspace" type thing with a link to the page. Alot of companies are joining with myspace and it seems to be working wonders. I could work on some graphics if you want. My myspace has had a link to 1emu ever since i joined.


You can open up a Graphics thread and people could post your graphics dedicated to 1emu, with consoles, sprites. You can sticky it.


the thing with emulation is, alot of people just dont know about it. You tell them that they can play mario on thier computer and they go crazy. Ive had to show at least 6 people in the past week how to burn and play dreamcast games, and they are extremely happy with the results.


EDIT: how about 1Emulation just having its own myspace page and adding everyone we know.


sry if the ideas are lame, im jus tryin to help

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my 2 cents:


I rather have 99 articles worth reading than 99 articles worth reading plus 300 stupid posts :rolleyes:


get rid of the board as the main thing on the site.

You should install a content management system and add articles in categories and not post them in some of the 33 forums here.

That will change the sites image from a usual forum-portal site to a website.


Clean the forum up a bit, like the Dreamcast/Saturn thingy: Unpin some topics and/or merge em with others.

Merge the Sega forums to one, there is too few activity in there.

Same goes for Playstation. Could alter posting form to add a little identifier to the new topcs like [PSP] etc.


If you just add more and more areas to the site and press them all into the forums, people will get lost here

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Here's my opinion.

1) Try making the review section more attractive.

2) We can make a tutorial section that teaches noobs how to get some harder emus to work. Take me as an example. When I first tried Chankast, I can't get it work until Agozer helped me. So, maybe we can have our members writing guides to attract pros and noobs. I believe PS, PS2, DC, DS emus are not that easy to noobs, especially when you need to burn, rip, mount CDs.

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I like Madman's idea. Of course one can configure the forums they want to see with the + and minus things. I certainly feel, as Madman mentioned, that the site is to much of a portal with forum to prop it up. The forum as it is now can't do that.

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Call me a fool, but I believe a lot of the reason for the higher post rates a few years back was due to the whole DC (Direct Connect) thing. A lot of people migrated from the 1emu hubs to the forums to post queries, as I did, and some stuck around, even after the plug was pulled on the whole thing. Maybe I'm over-estimating it, but the DC link did provide a pretty big source of new members, and when changes were made it pissed a lot of people off who then left, and also cut off that source of newbies.


Sorry, that wasn't particularly helpful but I thought I'd share it all the same. I have noticed a few forums recently lose a lot of posts/members. One thing they all changed which had a positive effect, was to condense sub-forums which has been suggested. Trying to cover too many bases was forcing people to search out more specific sites such as xbox-scene etc

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Like Madman Said, this place is really Just One big Forum, there could be parts of the site where there are tutorials, Guides ect without looking in the forum. And some people might just need the extra help and join in on the forums.


More affiliations is good.


A Personal Profile wouldnt be bad either, with the HTML activated we can get creative and pics ect :rolleyes:

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