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  1. I don't see what's wrong with that video, I mean yes he is an idiot but what he did there isn't stupid. It was kinda nice.
  2. I'm having trouble with this, I already allowed port 8888 trough windows firewall, and my router. But it asks me for a password, what do i put there? EDIT: Never mind, da Is it supposed to be so slow? and can't I make the zoom lower for god's sake my eyes hurt.
  3. Is it normal that the web browser don't display images or video. Only text?
  4. You know, after reading that. A story about a baseball team would have sucked less.
  5. Wow, it's incredibly useful Thanks!
  6. Looks cool. I'll try it Friday when my R4 arrives.
  7. Yaaaayy!! Only MGS4 for 360 and the PS3 can burn in hell.
  8. What's up Rakskey, hope you enjoy this site.
  9. Can't someone change the ping limit or whatever it's called so we can play?
  10. Noooooooooooo sturm es dead!! Now we won't have more pics in the HOT Chicks Thread, noooooooooo!!
  11. Wow I have to watch this thing. EDIT: Forget it, already saw the first scene where god kills himself and I don't think I'll hold all the movie. This is the first movie that made me say "to much blood for me"
  12. The slot -2 flashcard uses two flashcarts and the -1 one. Also the -2 is the only one that can run GBA games. I think.
  13. Winamp is the best i love the skins it has.
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