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What Anime Series are you currently Watching?


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does spongebob count as anime?


I think that spongebob is kinda gay.... and his best friend seems to be some kind of drug consumer. I've just seen the spanish dubbed version and It is strange (stupid) but quite funny... I really liked stwo stupid dogs... but I really hate the english dubbed version... I mean... english voices doesn't seem funny for a spanish speaker like me-... lol



I'm currently watching :


Slayers (again... lol spanish dub - english NO! Japanese -noisy voices!)




Orphen (somehow, the char design reminds me Nadesico ... lol well I like it...)




Corrector Yui.... (funny!) :afro:

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Anime watching went down to a slump but I did finished Scrapped Princess.


Also trying to start watching and keep up with some of the Spring anime and others:

Naruto Shippenduden

To Love-ru

Nabiru no Ou



Anyone else watching/keeping up with some of the Spring titles. Some of them looked interesting and I'm guessing the one with the little girl (Kurenai?) is supposed to be one of the popular ones so far.

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Watching Shana 2nd season ^^ .

they focus in love story more ..... no fight T_T


Just wait till Pheles shows up about halfway through, 2nd season got way better after that point.


As for what I'm watching:

Code Geass R2


Itazura na Kiss

Nabari no Ou

The Daughter of Twenty Faces (also goes by the name Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief)

Soul Eater

Special A


The Daughter of Twenty Faces has been the big surprise for me. I didn't expect to like it very much, but it's my second favorite so far of those I just listed, 1st being Geass of course.

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