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What Anime Series are you currently Watching?


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I found Gundam Seed so drawn out and boring >-<


would you explain me the "drawn out" term?? does that means that character design was not good enough (simple)... am I wrong? ;)



------- I 'm watching Seed Destiny version with my brother,,,, and because I got stucked with the previous season, now I surely have to see what happens then... in fact, i didn't know that there was a Seed Destiny serie. The funny thing is, I didn't watch the tv serie Gundam Wing....








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Hmmm I am in the middle of Kaze No stigma,scrapped princess, eureka 7 and currently for some really odd flocking reason I feel like picking bleach back up and watching it...read some of a friends manga and saw Itchigo is apart of the soul society now...thats pretty interesting...but yeah thats what I am watcing^^

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I watched an episode of Samurai Champloo the other day, and now I want to see more.


Seen the whole series...way too short but very good storyline.


I just started watching Xenosaga. No idea on how I ever missed this one. Very good so far.



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