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What Anime Series are you currently Watching?


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Black Lagoon is ace.


and Clannad is above everything else.


Hey! I haven't heard about That serie called Clannad... what is this about ? is it good? does it have a good design?? I liked black lagoon character design. mya fav was the bossgirl Balalaika... o

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Has anyone seen Hunter X Hunter? I started to watch it the other day and was completely lost. It seemed like it just started in the middle of a plot. I was totally confused and stopped watching (not purely because of confusion, but schoolwork got in the way...) Is it worth a revisit over winter break or should i just delete it from my digital library?




i've watched it a while and I like the design but not much about the beginning... a little bit boring

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Eureka 7 - it's almost alright

Cowboy Bebop - ehhhh

Gundam 00 - I like robots


I actually really like Eureka 7. I thought that the animation was beautifully done and that it had a good story (plus mecha fights as a supurb bonus)...I still episodes occasionally if i am in the mood for a good mecha fight...

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Eureka 7 - it's almost alright

Cowboy Bebop - ehhhh

Gundam 00 - I like robots


Hey!........ Cowboy Bebop turned me into a fan of some Japanese Animation... I love that serie... the character design,,,,, the only thing that let me down was the ending... i really wished that Spike would have stayed with her woman.....




I hate bad endings.... even when I read a book... (hollywood effect)



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I'm watching...........









1. Tenjou Tenge is quite good! -- The first episodes are great!... however, it turns a little bit boring in the last espisodes.... It seems it was not finished because there is no ending... As far as I know of course... which episode are you currently watching?


2. What is Tokko and the other serie about? --- I liked the char design in the third serie mentioned...


I keep watching



(with french subtitles lol, but great quality)



Gundam SEED
(Waiting to find SEED Destiny)



Elfen Lied
(watching it again-- quite bloody





Saber Marionette J


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