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  1. pull up? please. you're ogling them, right now. there aren't enough donkeys in the world for me to be with to make you happy.
  2. holy crap! vanilla ice is in a fighting game?! shaq-fu?
  3. in the land of the dorks, ryan is the king of love. and cute, too.
  4. are you serious?! i watched the first 2 episodes and thought it was hoorrrrrrrrrrribly lame.
  5. code geass mostly sucks, though. too much ridiculous/annoying crap, and it's way repetitive.
  6. the only thing i'm watching is geass. which sorta sucks, so i probably won't bother catching them, anymore.
  7. ryan blackmailed me into signing up. i'm only doing this to free my family. if they have anything other than anemia, i'm sending kimbo to punch a hole through your wall.
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