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When did you last update your blog?


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1.) Post here everytime you update your blog so people can know. This is here until we get Last Updated Blogs or something next to Last Posts on the forum page. This is to get more visibility to that part of the site.

2.) Please DO NOT post anything else besides you stating that you updated your blog. You can give a little teaser on what your update was but leave all discussion at the actual blog comments. All posts that deviate from this will be deleted. I want to keep this clutter free.

3.) If you don't have a blog already, click the Blog button at the top and get started. :)




Here's an example of a post in this thread:


I just updated my blog on October 13, 2006 about receiving my test scores.

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Yes, I know. But how many go to the front page and scroll down that far? It's needs to be more visible. This is temporary till we find a better place. I'm hoping for something that automatically updates and shows your latest update in your profile on the left or in your sig

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