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*****.org Raided - Servers Seized

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As one of the largest trackers, ******.org largely replaced the search engine suprnova. suprnova met its demise in late 2004, when it was under pressure from the entertainment industry to shut it operation down. Conversely, such pressure has been ineffective against ******.org.


When such political pressure fails, the use of force is typically the next course of action. In a move that many thought would never come, Slyck.com learned this morning that ******.org was raided by Swedish police.


“…The police right now is taking all of our servers, to check if there is a crime there or not (they are actually not sure),” ******.org spokesperson “brokep” told Slyck.com.



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Knowing the amount of people in Sweden who see *** as completely legal thing and are supporters of The Piratbyrån, TPB won't be out of commission for good.


I suspect that the Swdish authorities were partly forced to take some action thanks to the likes of RIAA and MPAA. Like *** said, if it comes to that, they'll be moving to another country and keep fighting the seemingly never-ending war.


The copyright interest groups are desperately trying to hold on to that crumbling and archaic industry model that they perhaps once had. Going on witchhunts instead of trying to work out sensible and fair middleground with internet as the medium.


But yeah, just my two cents.

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Hate to say it, but it serves them right for taunting the authorities. Has nobody read their page with letters/responses?

Nothing but rude replies on their part, and they finally got smacked down. I don't feel sorry for em.


Better torrent sites out there anyway. The site design was pathetic and disorganized anyway.

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Meh, not surprised.


It's law testing time! WEEE!

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