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  1. Just $200,000? a cool mil or two woulda been better
  2. just GTA:LCS only because it was before 2.6 was downgradable..
  3. so how much are you guys paying for your service? im supposely should be paying $18/per month for 3000/500
  4. i was told me and my gf make beautiful music
  5. I've recently upgraded to a higher speed dsl and just wanna know whats your guys down/up streams... Speed Tests
  6. just wait for the Kaizoku subs...if you like waiting...
  7. I collect shoes, mostly Nike SBs, air maxes, jordans...my collection size is roughly around 150+
  8. unwiredbuyer.com free $20 for just using their ebay sniping service.
  9. make sure you renamed the .gho files correctly
  10. finally got the divine fist rank for julia, i just wasted my whole time playing arcade mode, when I could easily beaten tekken dojo to get it...
  11. got both Paul and Julia @ Diety...will post the ghosts after i have Divine Fist
  12. im really dissapointed in the ghost system, all it basically does is copies 4-5 strings of movements...rinse and repeat..
  13. if its as good as you say it is...then thats a pretty cheap alternative other then voiding the psp warranty...sucks for the ebayers buying the sfa3/tekken mods for $20+
  14. Yeah ive seen those before...and its pretty cool that you can use the US/JAP versions together to link up multiplayer...
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