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  1. I care!! I can't wait to try PR with TCP fully working! Is it really really fast compared to previous versions?
  2. As far as I know, they are waiting for the WiFi lib to be completed with full TCP support before they complete the project. Try and relax a little...
  3. Its already being worked on by some French dudes: MessengerDS
  4. In principle, I see no problem with it. The DS is already capable of playing back an MPEG1 video and MP2 audio stream in the form of a DPG file (see Moonshell). There are many network media players around (eg the Hauppauge Media MVP) that rely on a server on the PC to transcode DivX/xVid/DVD to a standard format on the fly. As an example, I am an MVP owner and can have the server software on the PC transcode a hi-def, high bitrate AVI into DVD resolution MPEG2 for playback on the MVP (via ethernet or wireless). My PC can cope with this absolutely fine so there is no reason why the same principle cannot be applied to the DS - a server program that converts any video to DPG, on the fly and serves it up to the DS over wifi. I am not be-littling the effort and work it would take to achieve this and I have the utmost respect for the DS homebrew crowd who continue to amaze with their collective talent. Streaming video to the DS would be difficult but not impossible. I think.
  5. OK, I re-downloaded just in case but as expected it's still the same. When I re-extracted the server.exe to my PC and the.nds file to my SD card all the attributes were exactly the same. Not sure why it works OK for you but here's all my details if it helps: PC: P4 Prescott 2.8GHz clocked @ 3.0GHz Abit AI7 mobo 1GB Dual DDR 400 WinXP MCE 2005 NDS: UK DS with Supercard SD FlashMe 5 Supercard firmware: 1.60 Version 0.3 worked great and CPU usage was very low. I have not changed any of the speed settings in Win2DS on the DS side so update speed is Normal for both. Cheers.
  6. Hi Sintax, sorry to be the one to say this but the new version isn't much better. CPU usage is hella-bad compared to the 1-2% usage of Win2DS 0.3 and prior and I still can't control the mouse cursor using the zoomed view Mouse control on the full desktop view works, although this is very unresponsive due to the server program battering the CPU so much (in task manager it is using 50%). My CPU is a 2.8GHz Prescott P4 with HT so it looks like its completely maxing out 1 thread of the 2 available. I love this program though and I very much appreciate all the hard work you must be putting into it! Thanks!
  7. Hmmm, this version is completely broken for me. All the previous versions have worked fine but its the new "mouse in zoomed view" feature that's the problem. I can connect to the PC fine and move the mouse around on the bottom screen just fine too. I then press R to get my zoomed view on the bottom screen but then when I put the stylus to the screen, the mouse cursor jumps to a location nowhere near the zoomed area and gets stuck there. CPU usgage then jumps to around 50% and it has an 'episode'. I have to turn the DS off and back on again to regain control.
  8. It does work OK, in fact it works great. I just thought that the high CPU usage (about 40% of my 3GHz P4) was dis-proportionate to the amount of work the app does (I could be wrong there though, I'm no programmer!) If server.exe is running my CPU will have a constant load of 30-50% and WinXP becomes quite sluggish and jerky. This is not a huge problem as I can close server.exe when I'm in front of the machine, I just wondered if you were aware of this and whether there's any way to reduce CPU load without forfeiting performance. Cheers.
  9. lol, yeah I didn't mean any time soon Its a P4 Prescott 2.8 (clocked at 3GHz) with 1GB of Dual-DDR 400 - not a slow machine! I wonder if GrupstraNDS has an AMD based system and if that has anything to do with it....
  10. Hi Pointless, great app you've got going here. I was using Win2DS or DS2Win (whichever its called) but since .14 of pointRemote I have switched as it is much better! GrupstraNDS, you say the server executable no longer uses so much CPU time and seeing as this was the only downside of pointyremote in my eyes, I was very excited to try this. Unfortunately, I have found that the CPU is still spanked just as heavily by server.exe as it always was. I know that the CPU cycles must be there for a reason but are there any future plans to optimise code to reduce this? Please don't see this as a moan or whine, I'm just curious about the future development of pR. Congrats on the best piece of homebrew I have had the pleasure to use, ever!
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