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  1. What happens when the GBAMP's CF runs out of file space?
  2. What are you doing, InfernoDS? DPG streaming? Why use MP3? Wouldn't MP2 be a lot less taxing on the CPU to decode? Or hell, GSM would be fine as well. The PC-side server should be doing most of the hard work. I imagine it takes longer to encode than to decode, or am I wrong? o.o;
  3. Meh, people just need to think outside the box for a second. It certainly seems possible if someone took the time to make a realmedia/windows media styled real-time encoder and "broadcasted" it via a server, someone could add TCP/IP routines to MoonShell and play back this DPG in real time. It's not like it's impossible, it would just take some time. Oh boy that would actually sound like a more feasible idea than porting VLC. Personally though, having a Shoutcast audio/video player on the DS would be more desirable to me. But having a dedicated Nintendo DS home brewn DS video server playing back stuff for the community would be an awesome idea as well. Sgstair wasn't being mean or harsh, he was just being..erm..brutally honest.
  4. That's all I want to know, as well. I'm not hounding the guy, I was just curious. It's not like I'm asking him when he's going to release the new version or anything, i'm not that ignorant like others are. I'm merely asking how progress is going in general.
  5. Is it possible to get a new update as to what's been worked on, even if miniscule? I think at this point most people would be thrilled to know if the project is still being worked on, and what's been worked on, if anything at all. Mostly I'm asking because I would love if a TCP version was released before I left for Las Vegas in late April, giving people adequate time to release a prototype DS web browser or something. But, I'm sure others are curious about a new update, back in the late 2005, this site was updated almost daily. It was great. Just wondering what's new, sgstair.
  6. I for one hope someone will still work on a homebrewn browser. As good as Opera DS will be, it will not have Flash, Java or PDF support. You also can't play any music or what not downloaded from it..So, there's still room for a home brewn web browser.
  7. To everyone: copy the link location to your URL and replace 13 with 14. The link he offered is screwed up. Anyway, server.exe is crashing, and I have no idea why. Says something about kernl32.exe or something not agreeing with it. EDIT: Nevermind, link fixed.
  8. Isn't that the device from Datel? Meh, I fchose not to buy that because it was too expensive and seemed pointless.. The GBAMP was a better spend. I recommend selling that device, and buying the GBAMP off of LikSang..
  9. It's very possible..infact, I'm using a program right now that's streaming assets from my PC to my DS
  10. All I can really guess is that the picture display capability in MSN messenger is just..well, GIF files. I mean, people pm me on MSN all the time with little animations in their sentances and all.. Would the handwriting function be mearly a capture of someone's mouse movements rendered to a standard GIF file, and displayed within the window? Perhaps there's more to it, but from what I can see, most of the MSN libraries out there are out of date.
  11. It would be cool if after TCP/IP support was released, that this turned into MSNDS.. (since, of course, MSN has "hand writing" capability) Cool program I'm excited for when the wifi library comes out, we're gonna be able to do a lot of cool things.
  12. I really..really think everyone should come together and collaborate to create one big suite of DS Wifi tools. One Server that supports everything, and add in plugin support for this suite. Make things easily updatable. Perhaps this will be more feasible when sgstair's library is 100%, but even if the library itself were a plugin, that would mean updating the library would be very easy, if need be. But still, I'm finding it hard configuring all these different apps..when all of them could be in one suite, with one configuration (that's able to be saved), one server..etc I'm sure some people agree. But it's an idea, no?
  13. It's an awesome program. A couple suggestions: create a user interface Have a little snes controller on screen or something and show which buttons are being pressed when you press it? This isn't very important, but these ones are: -Make the light on by default, but add an option to disable it when you're actually done the configuration for the wifi..which leads me to the next option: -Read the wifi config from bafio's app..please. I hate having to reconfigure my special wifi every single time I log on. lol. But otherwise this is really cool. I can't wait to freak out my brother tonight showing him this app.
  14. JaJa, you need to elaborate slightly. Claiming something without explaining is confusing to some people. Anyway, the DS technically IS a server, once you connect to someone to play Mario Kart DS. All you'd need is a connection to the Internet, and you can make your own server and such.. Nah, the only real reason I would see the DS broadcasting in AP mode is so, for instance, you could transfer stuff off the DS onto a home computer through a network. Ugh, it could probably be a new method of ROM dumping if done properly. hmm. Well, if anything, SRAM transfering could be done fairly easily. Anyway, I don't think I'd want to run any servers off my DS personally. Though it would rank high on the "Cool" meter, the DS's connection is too slow..and the processing power isn't great enough to support more than a limited number of people. No, having the DS act as a remote control for something..like a portable WinAmp remote controller or something, would probably be more useful and fun.
  15. For now? My buddy has been playing Mario Kart DS with his M3 for 2 weeks now. The intro instead of a "Vroom vroom YAHOO!" sound like on the finished versions, you hear a "vroom vroom here we go!" It very much went online. His friend code changed constantly, though. He finally gave up on the ROM though because he kept screwing up his save game, and the game kept crashing. I didn't know this was possible because I was always under the impression that DS ROM Piracy like this was impossible..just until recently.
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