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Favorite Genesis game

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The Megadrive had really great games and scince it had a way faster processor than the snes it could hand way faster and smoother games, people just didnt seem to know which games were good games. Anyway;


Gunstar heroes

Thunder force 4



Streets of rage 2

Herzog zwei

ghouls n ghosts


shinobi 3

rocket knight adventuers

all sonics

I had all these on cart and many more but in my opinion these are some of the elite. If you havent tried these then you would have a bad impression of what the megadrive really was. :D

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Here's my fave Megadrive games (for anyone who cares which they won't :-D ):


Streets of Rage 2



Story of Thor

Sonic games (especially Sonic 2)

James Pond 3

Jungle Book

Lion King

Road Rash 1 & 2

Cannon Fodder

Earthworm Jim 1 & 2


I have a thing for 2d platformers.

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Gotta be Sonic, but i also like Flashback, General Chaos and Toe Jam & Earl.


General Chaos was a fantastic two player game.


Oh, i nearly forgot...PGA series.....The hours i spent in my room with friends and my father playing that game till the early hours.....I still have my original cart of 96 just for posterity...lol

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