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  1. neat stuff,go up the level and make those graphic game like ff and such hehe
  2. You can try download from one of the links here,the package i downloaded from the link contain the emulator Mameplus too.It is at the Free for all board,not too hard to spot It should be able to work,with the rom and emulator.
  3. Duo long...when he is standing still,you will notice his front leg is pointing inward like cripple or something like that.
  4. I find that if you play again after the credit,the space the guy move once is increase,make the game abit more harder.Go try it out. BTW the ending credit track is nice
  5. You mean cheats by using bio or something like that?
  6. 18sec at most only Maybe my com too fast?
  7. That game is 'fustrating, but strangely at the same time, it's very addicting'?Are you sure you post the right link?It just a walk,get crown,win game.Not much to it...
  8. KYO SAN! I would want to meet kyo and ask him to teach me his skill(kinda like shingo)... And to defeat him after that MUHAHA
  9. I still can't get the pratice menu,using the 7 button,during the pratice mode.I can't get it in team or solo pratice mode.
  10. I forget to ask,is there any way for me to change character in pratice mode like for 2k2?Also... can the dummy not be killed off after each round?This make praticing a bit hard...
  11. COOL 1Emulation has not fail me again,did not expect the rom to come out so fast.Keep up the good work.By the way,is there a way to convert these mame rom to kawaks?And what is this boss bio i heard about?
  12. The Exceed can be done when: You have more than one bar of health,with max super gauge. or You have less than one bar of health,which in this case the exceed is free
  13. It could be dump already,i already saw alot of those combo vidoes online,could be done by people with dump or i could be wrong.If the rom is really dump already,the players could be having way too much fun to release it.
  14. I dun think 2k3 rom will be out soon.Normally it would take at least 3 to 6 months before the rom come out,when the new game come out in the arcade.But i hope someone will dump it soon,cos i want to train at home before going to the arcade to show off .My friends and i have been testing it out at the arcade,the game speed is way faster than the old kof,in all the gameplay is smooth and is great except that it is only one round compare to the old system.Just that one game is too short to train all my three characters....BTW billy once say he is not going to dump any more rom,because he was sue once....hope he give it to someone to dump
  15. THIS IS SO DAMNM IT!!!! Guess that i can learn something from that freaking F****R,not to trust any one else so easy next time.
  16. Shining Force 2 My first and fav all time rpg game. Street fighter 2,Sonic 3 First few games i ever played.
  17. Strange i can use nebula 2.23c to play Svc,but can't with 2.23d even with a loader.Whats the matter with it?I have try put the dat files from the 2.23c into the 2.23d and also downloaded the dat file from the link,but none work.
  18. I am using a 512k ADSL boardband,and ya i am trying to find a server near singapore but could not find any.So i am hoping if anyone know the ip for any server near singapore.
  19. I am from singapore,and i been trying to find a server that able me to have a low ping.However i been getting 200+ ping with 113 the lowest,anyone know of any server that will allow me to play it without much ping or lag?
  20. Have you check if the svc zip file is in the rom file?Did you download the file on the link found here?If so,you might have download the same link as i am.When you unzip that file,the svc zip is not in the rom file,it is unzip else where.
  21. King of Fighter 2001 my first and only that pull me into the world of emulators.First and fav emulator is NeoRageX.
  22. HI ALL!I am BlaZer from singapore.I come to this forum to learn how to use the nebula emulator.Not only do i know how to use nebula,i learn what to do with the romdata and such that i had have read here.As GameCop have also said,SVC got me into this forum more and more til i find it out.Nice thing about this forum:help and reply are fast unlike other forum.Keep up the good work guy
  23. Thanks CLN but i got the svc with nebula zip file from a ftp i found in another board.Thanks to those trying to help
  24. Heh CLN can you send me the svc zip?So many links but none of them work for me... so sad
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