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  1. ...the hell? i have no problems running this from a cdrw whatsoever.
  2. lol DBZ clone. the main difference between the two is that Yu Yu is actually good.
  3. hmmmm for some reason i select a game and it just freezes on the main screen. anyones else run into that?
  4. Contra: Hard Corps (Probotector) Ristar Batman & Robin Streets of Rage 3 Alien Soldier Gunstar Heroes Gaiares Rocker Knight Adventures Light Crusader too many to mention. but those are all up on my list.
  5. Mike Tyson's Punch Out on Nesticle. Nesticle was the bizdittty. hemma.
  6. for those with shareza i'll put it in my share folder. yeah, Shareza blows. hard. but for those having difficulty finding it, i don't mind helping whatever way i can. same file name as the download. im sure you can search samsho5 and be fine, but just in case: samsho5+nebula.by.svc.dump.team.rar that be the name and it's 40.85MB. (like you don't know already)
  7. -shrug- the SVC arguments are almost identical to the SF3 arguments years ago. i'll admit some of the characters are ridiculous. Serious Mr. Karate is a complete tool. but, people said the same thing about Gil. i say just have fun with it. discover what you like about it and just play. if not, play something else. my gf and i and a blast playing it the other day. and we weren't worried about silly things like balance and backgrounds. just that it was new and different. first impressions are killers. Capcom had the foresight to keep SF3 going, i don't know about SNK.
  8. the link doesn't work for me. i can only dl a file that's 14K. will it be up soon?
  9. thank you. EDIT: i figured it out. this thread has helped me out immensely. thank you so much.
  10. i dled the file from however, it does not include the P&M for SVC. nor is there a "Screens" folder. i tried to read this thread, and i could have missed something. was there something taken out that i didn't read? thank you.
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