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  1. Yeah I've heard of it. Ages ago. It should be great. Perfect companion piece to GTA 3, Vice City and The Getaway.
  2. I think that Silent Hill is a lot more realistic than Resident Evil, especially the way the camera moves with you as you're running along and stuff. I love the crackling of the radio as an enemy draws near. IMO it's more psychological and scarier than RE.
  3. Hasn't there been enough Resident Evil games? Don't get me wrong, i love them and all but they're all the same (except for that sh!t Gun Survivor). I'd rather play Silent Hill anyway.... ALRIGHT!!!! I'm pissed about it being GC exclusive, okay? Me and my PS2 owning @ss. I LOVE MY PS2!! But i love mah romZ better.
  4. The very first day i got on the Internet, i joined up with one of those bullshit paysites and ended up paying for Kazaa Lite, and the file turned out to be a virus. I also paid for WinISO, which was useless and i ended up getting better results out of CDRWin (which i've never even had to go beyond the trial version). *sigh* I guess i was naive back then. But i know better now!!
  5. Donkey Kong Country 2, back in April last year. Snes9x was my first emulator, and that was my first rom.
  6. Here's my fave Megadrive games (for anyone who cares which they won't ): Streets of Rage 2 Ecco Haunting Story of Thor Sonic games (especially Sonic 2) James Pond 3 Jungle Book Lion King Road Rash 1 & 2 Cannon Fodder Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 I have a thing for 2d platformers.
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