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Big "N" Shitttty @ McDonalds


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in my ground beef I usually use red-wine vinegar, a whole mess of black pepper, seasoning salt, and a bit of garlic salt; I only use steak sauce when the meat has been freezer-burned

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Looks like some old crusty ass, I don't eat at mcd's unless its the last place in ten miles and i'm on foot ( and the other foot is broken ).


Lesson, run the fockers out of business, or make em pay more than minimum wage and not hire the most ignorant bastards they can find.


PS. I do love their fries, but its the only food i know of that is not biodegradeable, ever found a french fry in your car that you know has been there at least a year and its not even molded at all ?





PS this filtering system is gay

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Even with it being a little dark, you can clearly see that it's VERY pink in the center.

Not only that, it looks a little burnt on the outside.


Obviously the grill was turned up far too high, you'd think with a place like McDonalds (Where they employ 90% students with half a brain) they'd have grills that only had an ON/OFF switch and always ran at the right temperature. It's not like they cook many different things afterall........


Oh and BTW, McDonalds has been ass for like 10 years now..........I can't eat anything from there without feeling like I'm going to puke 10 minutes later. Wendy's all the way for fast food!

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I remember hearing on the news a few years back (like 1997 or so) that some girl ate some undercooked meat at Jack in The Box and became really sick and eventually died.


After that I didn't really eat much meat, let alone any resturant food.

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When you speak of food poisoning, it reminds me of what happened to me last year.


Got home from work REALLY late, so I decided to go to the grocery store (Open 24hrs) and grab a chicken wrap. Not even 2 hours after I eat it, I'm feeling extremely sick, and my stomach is so sore I can barely stand up.

I wound up lying on my bathroom floor for a half hour, in alot of pain, just trying to soak up the coolness of the floor to feel better.

Finally managed to drag myself up the stairs (literally) and into bed, where I passed out and woke up the next morning feeling like I had been run over by a truck.

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