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  1. The new version supports DLDI. Just patch it and you're good to go.
  2. Hmm. I will look into that. Perhaps I've compiled in an older version of the library...
  3. Not yet. Well, someday I would like to learn ARM assembly and rewrite the CPU core so that I get a speed increase.
  4. I finally got around to adding GBAMP support to StellaDS. It should also work with your M3s and Supercards as long as chism's FAT library supports them. Download the new release at my site, along with some free legal ROMs.
  5. Another idea. Does this update the whole screen or just the changed regions? The server could save you some bandwidth if it only does the latter.
  6. Would JPEGs really be the solution for compressing screen captures? How would GIF or PNG fare as far as compression ratio goes?
  7. I don't have a magnifier. If only this program had the functionality to zoom in built in.
  8. What port does the server use? Is it possible to have the DS connect to a remote IP?
  9. Any progress on the actually library itself since the 2nd of this month?
  10. Try getting a San Disk thumb drive. Mine hasn't failed me since.
  11. taratata, the alternative would be to use one of the many canned premade CPU core emulators found on the internet. Just search. Z80 has a ton of them. Mame is a gold mine for CPU emulators.
  12. I am in the same trap as you. I have only 256 MB of RAM, but it's RDRAM so I can't upgrade it. In case you didn't know, 256 MB more of RDRAM is about the same cost as 1 GB of DDR now because nobody uses it anymore. Dell screwed me over. I soon realized I could have built a much better PC myself for the same price I paid for my Dell. I can agree that the case inards are a pain to work with. I recently opened my clam shell style case to upgrade. Figuring out how to open it was tough enough. Then as I opened it with what seemed to be an overly excessive amount of force for opening a PC case, it
  13. I just hope malware doesn't become a problem with this online demo server.
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