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Big "N" Shitttty @ McDonalds


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Yesterday I went to McDonald's to buy their Big "N" Tasty with a small fries. I always first check under the buns to see if there's no bugers or anything like that. Once I take my first bite, I notice the entire meat is red. I quickly spit it out in a napkin. After a wonderful confrontation with the Manager for a good 5-10 minutes, I got them to give me my damn money back. I even took a picture of it to my pleasure. If you call that Medium cooked, oh hell no. My cellphone camera just made it look a little darker. Surprisingly, the last time I had McDonald's, I had their Vanilla Sundae. Let's just say I've learned my lesson since the rest of the week I was on the toilet.

McDonalds = McShit :)



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one important thing I've learned about coooking my own burgers, when cooking a thick meat patty always press it like there's no tomorrow.


Flip, hard press, flip again (repeat)


the person who cooked the meat was most likely a noob and is now getting chewed out

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Normally I don't eat burgers at fast food joints.


If I'm going to Mc Donalds, I tend to go for a chicken sandwich. Although when I'm hungry and short on cash, I love the $1 menu.


However, if I want a burger, I'd rather go to a restaurant like Famous Daves. If I can't a afford a Real Burger, then I go to a place like Culvers. If want something better but want it fast, I'll do Burger King. And if I'm in a REAL hurry, then I'll do McDonalds. Just because there is probably 10 in a square mile.


When I want a Good burger, and I have the time, I'd rather make my own.


75% Ground Beef

25% Ground Pork


1 or 2 eggs

Worcestershire Sauce


Mix it all up in a bowl, make burgers. Oh and screw those "burger buns". I hate those, I don't know who decided that burgers HAD to be in burger buns. Use some good bread, bake some bread, if you can't bake bread and can't find some good bread at least pick up some french bread, you can find that everywhere. Toas the bread first if you'd like.


Ah.... anyway, yea, that was a nasty looking burger. I mean, I normally like mine a little pink but damm.

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