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Iwata has revealed the Revolution controller.


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All I have to say is...what the flock.




Sure it's something different but it's like a "wow wtf is that" kind of difference. I'm not sure of breaking out of the traditional gamepad design was such a good idea at this point, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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Wow.....This reminds me of how sometimes i play PS1 games on my PS2 with my DVD remote just because i can.


If this is going to be anything like that (But there wont be lag i bet) its going to be horrible.


This is just a total /fail on nintendo's part, The current controllers just dont have enough buttons, they work for most games, but on some games you can REALLY tell how they needed more buttons, This is the complete opposite of what they should be doing.

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You know what, I finally figured out a way to explain why Nintendo has been screwing up so badly, starting with the Gamecube, then the DS, and now this and the gameboy micro, all in a simple catchphrase.


"All Gimmick, No Game"


hell, i support nintendo, but its the sad truth.

No game? I beg to differ. Nintendo is the only one that has fresh games. I'm ashamed to admit it but Nintendogs is actually a fun game. :blink:


Also, your precious Hideo Kojima and Square have praised the controller. And I think they know more about game design than you.

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