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Want to steal a cellphone?


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I was browsing online and found this story...... :(


My cell phone got stolen some time last week.... i just noticed it missing the other day and called up and had it turned off.... well im sitting around today tooling around on the computer and decided to go on my picture mail and see if pics have been sent.... whenever u send a pic to an email address it automatically saves a copy on my sprint website and records the email address..... so guess what i find....












the also made a s#$ video with it....  I also have the guys email address so i emailed him this


Like to steal cell phones and use them to take pics of yourself and make videos.... HA! guess what pal... i have every pic you took and the videos.... I will be plastering the town with pics of your face, that %!$#*& face and the childs face.... wow thieves really are dumb.... good day pal


oh yeah by the way.... the phone is now just a paperweight and can never be used again...


this was his response.... notice the name


There was then an update about 2-3 days later...




Haha this is awesome. This is what he said.


"I went back to the station on monday to give a statement. The detective said the guy will get arrested for petty larceny but it probably wont happen till mid september.


Im thinking once he gets arrested and they have info on him, I will bring him to small claims court. Maybe I can get on Judge Judy or The People's Court."




I got the message from the guy and he said:


Wired News is going to run the story Monday.


and the guy is on myspace




Haha check out that website.


Income: $250,000 and Higher

5' 3" / Body builder

hes a Christian, he donest smoke or drink but steals cell phones and makes sex videos.



:: Credit: http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?t=211948 ::


So remember kids, don't steal cellphones!!! :):D

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for me, stealing a cell phone would be like stealing a cassette tape of some of the world's most annoying sounds


no use for it what so ever


but that guy right there is beyond stupid


see kids, this is why you stay in school so you don't end like that retard :(

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What an idiot. You cant get away with anything with cell phones. One time i found one, and i thought like someone threw it out there car because it didnt work and it was on the side of the road, so i called someone, and they called that person and bitched at em, and i had to like meet the guy and give him his phone back. It was pretty retarded.

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if u already have a sim card then u can unlock the phone u stole and use ur own sim card on the stolen phone.

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if u already have a sim card then u can unlock the phone u stole and use ur own sim card on the stolen phone.

You have to have mental problems if you were going to actually base this thread on how to really steal cellphones. :P

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