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Help me with this girl :(


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I've seen movies about this. Just make sure she's a woman before proceding!

yep the crying game! AHHH!

it could be like a bad classic rock song: dude look like a lady. Lola. take a walk on the wild side. heh those 70's rockers had a thing with trannies.

for some reason I thought he was talking about Great Balls of Fire :P

that movie would fit this situation too. but I think jerry lee married his first cousin and she was like 14.....

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I don't know if I'd go as far as to buy her a leather jacket and such right at the first, just go slow, and as said before, let her know how you feel, and see how she reacts. If it goes good from there, then take the other steps. As long as no local/state/national laws are being broken with it, then more power to you, Hapu

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Hey, I experienced this before, just with my cousin, (pool party). O, and hello hapu, my nake is ryuken, I am the forum idiot and the guy you take out your anger from. When I had this problem, I fixed it by not thinking about it, then totaly forgeting about the gurl until today since you reminded me and now I wish I had calld her... Anyways, call her, do what gc said earlier about the clothes, and good luck!

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yesterday was a very long day. i finally called her and asked her how she was and about our families. she seemed kind of bored of talking to me, but i kept going. i then asked her if she wanted to to meet at a restaurant and get something to eat, she agreed!!


since it was for dinner, i went to the mall with my mom to get something to wear since i had to look good. she bought me a 100% leather jacket and i went to a haircut place for some hair gel which i guess it's called. i even bought sunglasses!! i never knew my family wanted me to get a girlfriend so badly.


i then arrived at the restaurant and found her sitting in a booth and joined in on the other side. i was a bit confused at first since i saw two glasses of coke and both were drank from. one was hers as well so i started talking to her and how she was. the waiter came to our table and i ordered a regular hamburger (they are very tasty). all of a sudden, this fat man sits in our table. i'm just staring at him and then he kisses her on the lips!! oh my god, my hands are going to smash my glass of water. my hair is pointy, i have a leather jacket, and sunglasses on in a freaking restaurant. the fat man then asks who i am and i say i am a member of the family. he then shakes my hand and presses extremely hard. i think i broke 10 veins.. the pain was horrible after he let go. i talked with them for another 2 minutes and excused myself. i had to look for some ice, my hand was bright red. i asked the lady close to the kitchen where they were cooking for some ice. she said she would get some, but i kept looking at my watch and already another 2 minutes past by. i can't make them think i'm constipated in the bathroom for 5 hours. i then see an ice box close to where they have all the drink flavors. right away, i put my hand in the ice box. ooohh, it felt good! then, my luck got worse.. i noticed it was caviar or something like that. do they even have red caviar? my hand was even more red with this stuff in it!! i quickly ran to the bathroom and tryed to wash it off and then ended up getting it all on my pants. i then tried wiping that off and no luck.


i finally go back to the table and the fat man who i found out his name is hossey looks at me very strangely. i think he noticed my pants was a bit red. so i eat my hamburger and i forget what they ordered. but i mention how i am studying to get a bachelors and hopefully make a lot of money. i even wink at the girl, i think it was some kind of unconcious reaction. i do not know, but she smiles! they then decide to go sit at a bookstore and talk more. as they get up from the table, hossey puts his hand on her butt and taps it while she gets up! i lose breath and try to stay calm. i can't believe that son of a biatch is with the only girl that turned my world upside down. from there, we went to this place called barnes noble? while i am walking, this old woman puts her middle finger up at me. i think this mean flock? i don't understand why and notice her eyes are looking at my pants. i don't know how but i think the girl who i like never noticed it since they were infront of me walking together. after were done at this barnes noble, i say goodbye and hossey offers me a handshake again. but i say "no, it is ok, no more, please. you are a very nice man." she then says, "it was a pleasure to meet you hapu. say hi from me to your mom." what the flock? i love my mom, but she could have said something more to me. that's it, i am going to get her to like me somehow. i don't know how, but please help. this was the worst the day of my life. :naughty:

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Hapu.... hapu man, that was very interesting yet ironic.


i think the only way your gonna make her fall in love with you is to make your self look strong i suggest steroids. and buy a cadillac and run his ass over with it then. then later on deliver a message to your cuzin stating that he left her becouse he felt that he could get more chicks then you jump in and say its ok make her feel comfortable in your arms then tell a story similar to this and she'll definatly be yours. of course the requirements of this would be a Cadillac. :naughty:

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well if the leather jacket and pointy hair didn't do it, i don't know what will.


find yourself another girl mate. you are only gonna torture yourself with this one.

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