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  1. yesterday was a very long day. i finally called her and asked her how she was and about our families. she seemed kind of bored of talking to me, but i kept going. i then asked her if she wanted to to meet at a restaurant and get something to eat, she agreed!! since it was for dinner, i went to the mall with my mom to get something to wear since i had to look good. she bought me a 100% leather jacket and i went to a haircut place for some hair gel which i guess it's called. i even bought sunglasses!! i never knew my family wanted me to get a girlfriend so badly. i then arrived at the resta
  2. i am sorry, i am not accustomed to these different ways you people interact. i have very little experience with woman i'd like to marry one day. as for the "bing bang boom", it is just my polite and funny way of saying as garageink said "hard on" which i guess he is talking about the same thing. i am a very religious person and i am trying not offend any of the other readers. i've been browsing this forum for a week so after reading some previous topics, i thought i should make my own topic about this problem that i have no idea what to do. hopefully, all will go well. i am thinking of askin
  3. i am 20 years old and yes, i know this is an emulation forum, but i need help. english is not my first language and please do not ask me where i am from. i saw this pretty girl last night at a family gathering. she was so beautiful, it was hard to hold my thoughts correctly because i try not to be a pervert. at first it is all eye contact and i can't take my eyes off hers. she probabaly thinks i am superman using laser vision like i am analyzing her, but wow, it was unbelievable. i then went into the kitchen to get some water and she came in too. i introduced myself and said "hello, my name
  4. my name is Hapu and i was looking for a good emulation site and a place to talk about life. looks like a great forum, i will try to post as much as i can with my busy schedule.
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