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Help me with this girl :(


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No matter what advice we give, there is no tried and true *formula*. Guessing what women like/want, for the most part, is like forcasting the weather. Sometimes you can get close, but for the most part, you're never going to be right on the mark. Then there are those occassions where you can be totally off. Unless you're Mel Gibson's character in the movie, What Women Want.......

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Too true...I so agree...If you truely like her try to find something that you both have in common...like music...or games or something....and for the records...I ain't no guy...

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my step bro's gf is his 2nd cousin, hell they even have a child together


ah well...don't care much if it's about 2nd cousins


only thing that'd be bad is if it was his first cousiin :thumbsup:


theeen maybeh hay'd have 'ta back of a leetle ;)


IMO, if she's your 2nd cousin, go for it, it isn't bad


but what would suck is if she was a minor


either that or get a new hobby


ur brother is going out wit his own cousin? AND they got a kid? WOW! do u noe that those kid within the same blood line can have serious deficiancies...meaning health problems...i wouldnt suggejecct u go after her my friend.....move on..plenty more were she came from!

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