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Namco x Capcom


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"Namco announced a new crossover simulation RPG for PlayStation 2 called Namco x Capcom (tentative), the game features over 200 characters from both Namco and Capcom's universe; including characters from Street Fighters, Darkstalkers, Ghouls n' Ghosts, Strider, Dino Crisis 4, Resident Evil Dead Aim for the Capcom side; and Xenosaga, Soul Calibur, Valkyrie Dentetsu, Tales of Eternia, Tekken, Wonder Momo, Bravoman and Klonoa for the Namco side."


More Info :




New images :







New details + shots! :(




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Old news.


BTW, the art is bad ass.


Stupid 4channers are faster then magicbox, thats a first, seriously, it is.

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This looks pretty nifty though a little goofy. Also, the Monolith responsible for NOLF is way better than this Monolith. ;):P

DIE. Seriously. Monolith's engine can rot in hell. :(

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wow this looks good. I dunno how they would pull it off storywise. but the screenies look tasty.

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wait, would it come out of japan?

It is a japanese RPG... Or what did you mean?


So, there are Characters from Street Fighter, Strider, Darkstalkers, Ghoul's N' Ghosts, RE: Dead Aim, Legend of Valkyrie , Dino Crisis, Xenosaga, Tales of Destiny, Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny II in the US), Soul Calibur and Klonoa... perhaps even more.

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