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Tsunami hits southern coast of Asia


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I've been watching coverage aabout this on BBC World since yesterday. more than 20,000 dead as of latest info.


And the biggest catastophy in what? 40 years?


It's definitely the most powerful earthquake in 40 years. Here is a preliminary report: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqinthenews/2004/usslav/


You can read here how the tsunami happened: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4125949.stm


Edit: Holy crap, I didn't know that it went as far as Somalia!



The northern Somali coastline, more than 6,000 km (3,728 miles) from the epicentre, was reported affected. Hundreds of fishermen are feared to have drowned.


Waves also struck Kenya, after hitting Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles on the way.

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all together so far, 22,000 people dead....geez this is such a tragedy. i was readin up on yahoo and i found this in the papers..sorta touched me a lil..


"Where are my children?" said 41-year-old Absah, as she searched for her 11 youngsters in Banda Aceh, the Indonesian city closest to Sunday's epicenter. "Where are they? Why did this happen to me? I've lost everything."

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wow this is bad , it hit alot of freakin places ;)  , i wonder how many people are still missing , hope this doesnt happen near the US


RIP dead people

If it happens in the US it'll be on the West coast since that's where a major fault is. The saddest part is that if the proper warning systems were in place, many people could have evacuated. :lol:

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