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Yes, this is good, a place to keep a list.


Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame 2

Gradius Series

Advance Wars 2

Halo 2

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Cross



*Complete*Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republis 2: The Sith Wars

Saga Frontier

Saga Frontier 2

Unlimited Saga

Jedi Academy

Gitaroo Man

Monster Rancher 4

The.hack// series.

World of Warcraft

Resident Evil 4

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Zone of the Enders - the 2nd Runner


MegaMan Zero 1,2,3

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FFVII , and on a side note, don't get shocked that I am actually going to do this, and that I'll probably finish it by tonight, only get shocked if it turns out to be a opposite of the crap everyone is expecting, not only that, but I am using a spell checker, and don't post this Here is the link that works !!!!. I am well aware that there is already one poorly (sorry to say it alexis) made.

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