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  1. I too fail to see the excitement in NASCAR, nor do i find explosions and fatalities compelling reasons to watch. I much prefer technical motorsports such as FIA, F1, and WRC to watching a bunch of 'redneck jackoffs driving around in a circle for hours'. Even worse, we never get to see - 'THE PITS EXPLODE!!!!!!!' Hooray for Carlin... A recent poll does show that NASCAR fans are some of the most loyal when it comes to buying the products that sponsors their drivers - rednecks certainly do display a herd mentality in more ways than just voting. 'If i wanted to watch something race around in circles for an hour, i'd tie a sock to my dog's tail, or maybe try flushing a ping-pong ball' - anonymous
  2. Thanks a lot agozer, works great now. I'm kicking myself for not picking up on Zinc earlier...
  3. Okay, so i've given up on fixing Kawaks for the moment (if anyone gets any ideas reply in this threadhere). I've now turned my attention to Zinc, which i had never really figured out on my old computer. The use of some new BIOS files has it running perfectly, but i am having input problems. I'm using the Zinc v. 1.1 with the Aldo's Tools v2 frontend, which contains something called the Winterblast 1.5 Input Plugin. This seems to set up default configurations for only Capcom and Namco titles. I cannot modify the controller config and therefore cannot play G-Darius, Raystorm or Dead or Alive, which run on Tecmo and Taito bios files repectively, because the plugin contains no way to manipulate the config. Can anyone direct me either to a better input plugin or some way to manually setup my controllers so i can play these titles?
  4. i had already tried adjusting the compatibility, no luck... i fiddled with the Kawaks video memory (the Radeon 9000 on the new machine is an IGP) and the Kawaks blitter but still have no luck. I'm gonna read the Radeon manual and see if there are any Direct3D or OpenGl settings i can fiddle with...
  5. ouch.. i feel like nobody really understands the problem. NO versions of kawaks work on my new computer, which runs XP pro SP2. The asr.DAT file is from kawaks 1.46 on my OLD computer (XP home SP1) which works fine. I originally posted asking for help on getting Kawaks running and this suddenly turned into a Nebula thread. Any new ideas?
  6. Almost. Kawaks 1.48dev supports the so-called 'official' sets and contains no ASR.dat - all of the ROM information is preloaded. It also runs KOF2003 with the older P1 and 271-bios.bin. It marks these sets as 'original', 'alternate', 'bootleg' etc. in the ROM loader window. 1.54 is the newest legit release with official support for Rage of the Dragons, Matrimelee, and Progear, and it is correlated with the MAME set for older games. Kawaks 1.46 allows users to edit its DAT file to load newer games. Unfortunately, there are about 3 known dumps of Metal Slug 5, 2 of Metal Slug 4, and around 4-5 each of Rage of the Dragons and Matrimlee (Matrimlee especially due to the release of patches for a touchy C5 rom). Also, the C and V roms for these newer games were often released at diferent times. Therefore, the DAT files I have for 1.46 run cobbled-together romsets for Metal Slug, ROTD, and Matrimelee that may not be any recognized 'original' or 'bootleg ' sets - for example, some have encrypted V but decrypted C roms and vice versa. However, they do run. However, these certain DAT files are rejected by Nebula and i still can't figure out why. Perhaps the DAT manager is simply different, but i'm fast running out of patience for trial and error. I'm continuing my search for a kawaks fix...
  7. Yes, thank you Necromancer. Nebula indeed seems to be a bit more "picky" than Kawaks, what with the random shutdowns and all of the rest of it. I'm finding it pretty tedious to go through and reevaluate my romsets, some of which were "mashes" of different C and V data that required self-written 1.46 DATs. I'm still looking for a fix to the Kawaks issue - crash after rom loading. If i deselect 'autostart' the game stays at pause but the application closes upon unpausing with NO error message. In the meantime, the KOF2002 set is the 'original' one, as it works in Kawaks 1.48 dev (not listed as 'bootleg'). I'm still working on Metal Slug 5 (may need a new romset). Thanks to everyone for their help.
  8. alright... here was my perfect working dat for Kawaks 1.46. Of these, only SVC chaos, Samurai Shodown V and Samurai Shodown VSP are working in Nebula. System: NEO RomName: mslug5nd Game: Metal Slug 5 [Program] 268-p1.bin,0,600000,975EB06A,0 268-p2.bin,0,400000,FBF6B61E [Text] 268-s1d.bin,0,20000,64952683,0 [Z80] 268-m1.bin,0,20000,6FA01C9A,0 [samples] 268-v1.bin,0,400000,C3540E0D,0 268-v2.bin,400000,400000,077BD2F4,0 268-v3.bin,800000,400000,39B14567,0 268-v4.bin,C00000,400000,969FF3B2,0 [Graphics] 268-c1d.bin,0,800000,969C0D62,0 268-c2d.bin,1,800000,C69AE867,0 268-c3d.bin,1000000,800000,D7BEAEAF,0 268-c4d.bin,1000001,800000,E1B1131B,0 268-c5d.bin,2000000,800000,2FA1A5AD,0 268-c6d.bin,2000001,800000,6DE89589,0 268-c7d.bin,3000000,800000,97BD0C0A,0 268-c8d.bin,3000001,800000,C0D5BC20,0 [system] CartridgeID: 269 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: NEO RomName: mslug4 Game: Metal Slug 4 [Program] ms4_p1.rom,0,100000,4D7E6624,0 ms4_p2.rom,100000,400000,FDB7AED8,0 [Text] ms4_s1.rom,0,20000,a9446774,0 [Z80] ms4_m1.rom,0,20000,EE1E5580,0 [samples] ms4_v1.rom,0,400000,C1B2AF81,0 ms4_v2.rom,400000,400000,CBBDC6FA,0 ms4_v3.rom,800000,400000,C4F1A3CC,0 ms4_v4.rom,C00000,400000,40126A0A,0 [Graphics] ms4_c1.rom,0,800000,361DDDA6,0 ms4_c2.rom,1,800000,15D192C4,0 ms4_c3.rom,1000000,800000,63fb79ff,0 ms4_c4.rom,1000001,800000,e8623126,0 ms4_c5.rom,2000000,400000,3348dc5d,0 ms4_c6.rom,2000001,400000,d90fc1a0,0 [system] CartridgeID: 262 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: C %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: NEO RomName: samsho5 Game: Samurai Shodown V [Program] 270-p1.bin,0,800000,5A01F939,0 [Text] 270-s1.bin,0,20000,33227D62,0 [Z80] 270-m1.bin,0,20000,18114FB1,0 [samples] 270-v1.bin,0,400000,6849136C,0 270-v2.bin,400000,400000,222E1774,0 270-v3.bin,800000,400000,CD9E7ADC,0 270-v4.bin,C00000,400000,8B305CAC,0 [Graphics] 270-c1.bin,0,800000,4E7BDEA1,0 270-c2.bin,1,800000,7B444985,0 270-c3.bin,1000000,800000,8C709A9B,0 270-c4.bin,1000001,800000,CFD53F5C,0 270-c5.bin,2000000,800000,C026D318,0 270-c6.bin,2000001,800000,B3D9D204,0 270-c7.bin,3000000,800000,FE03A025,0 270-c8.bin,3000001,800000,89DB2D34,0 [system] CartridgeID: 270 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: NEO RomName: samsh5sp Game: Samurai Shodown V Special [Program] 272d-p1.rom,0,800000,3E3961F5,0 [Text] 272d-s1.rom,0,20000,C297F973,0 [Z80] 272-m1d.rom,0,20000,B5ABDA07,0 [samples] 272-v1d.rom,0,400000,32156CFE,0 272-v2d.rom,400000,400000,0E46D2F8,0 272-v3d.rom,800000,400000,3F0F7554,0 272-v4d.rom,C00000,400000,AD8FABB4,0 [Graphics] 272d-c1.rom,0,800000,8548097E,0 272d-c2.rom,1,800000,8C1B48D0,0 272d-c3.rom,1000000,800000,96DDB28C,0 272d-c4.rom,1000001,800000,99EF7A0A,0 272d-c5.rom,2000000,800000,772E8B1E,0 272d-c6.rom,2000001,800000,5FFF21FC,0 272d-c7.rom,3000000,800000,9AC56A0E,0 272d-c8.rom,3000001,800000,CFDE7AFF,0 [system] CartridgeID: 272 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 1 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: NEO RomName: pim Game: Power Instinct Matrimelee Parent: pim [Program] pim-p1.rom,0,100000,d07b4032,0 pim-p2.rom,100000,400000,b0132cef,0 [Text] pim-s1.rom,0,10000,aff2a3be,0 [Z80] 266-m1.rom,0,10000,f692d84b,0 [samples] pim-v1.rom,0,400000,352b0a07,0 pim-v2.rom,400000,400000,945f8831,0 pim-v3.rom,800000,400000,e8362fcc,0 pim-v4.rom,C00000,400000,393c9a62,0 [Graphics] pim-c1.rom,0,800000,1db1837e,0 pim-c2.rom,1,800000,b834dd89,0 pim-c3.rom,1000000,800000,f31d68d4,0 pim-c4.rom,1000001,800000,58cfb6e9,0 pim-c5.rom,2000000,800000,f3c0e3fd,0 pim-c6.rom,2000001,800000,b53c8dcf,0 pim-c7.rom,3000000,800000,3c1fb02a,0 pim-c8.rom,3000001,800000,5ee31f80,0 [system] CartridgeID: 266 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: NEO RomName: rotdd Game: Rage of the Dragons [Program] rotdd-p1.rom,0,800000,87BD2A72,0 [Text] rotdd-s1.rom,0,20000,C155D4FF,0 [Z80] rotdd-m1.rom,0,8000,EBAEC46F,0 [samples] rotdd-v1.rom,0,400000,5C77A3FE,0 rotdd-v2.rom,400000,400000,A9B7AF14,0 rotdd-v3.rom,800000,400000,17AFF92A,0 rotdd-v4.rom,C00000,400000,BC6A091E,0 [Graphics] rotdd-c1.rom,0,800000,EC9D18C0,0 rotdd-c2.rom,1,800000,B1069066,0 rotdd-c3.rom,1000000,800000,7E636D49,0 rotdd-c4.rom,1000001,800000,76892FDA,0 rotdd-c5.rom,2000000,800000,469061BC,0 rotdd-c6.rom,2000001,800000,2200220A,0 rotdd-c7.rom,3000000,800000,EDDA4BAF,0 rotdd-c8.rom,3000001,800000,82B1BA22,0 [system] CartridgeID: 264 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: C %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% System: NEO RomName: svcc Game: SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom [Program] 269-p1.rom,0,600000,14337168,0 [Text] 269-s1.rom,0,20000,BC670454,0 [Z80] 269-m1.rom,0,20000,4E81642E,0 [samples] 269-v1.rom,0,400000,E7203930,0 269-v2.rom,400000,400000,675159C3,0 269-v3.rom,800000,400000,F8810665,0 269-v4.rom,C00000,400000,B57B4EA3,0 [Graphics] 269-c1.rom,0,800000,465D473B,0 269-c2.rom,1,800000,3EB28F78,0 269-c3.rom,1000000,800000,F4D4AB2B,0 269-c4.rom,1000001,800000,A69D523A,0 269-c5.rom,2000000,800000,BA2A7892,0 269-c6.rom,2000001,800000,37371CA1,0 269-c7.rom,3000000,800000,56AC5FB9,0 269-c8.rom,3000001,800000,DE99E613,0 [system] CartridgeID: 269 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 EDIT: and if dats can be posted, i need one for the KOF2002 95mb romset (worked in 1.48dev), KOF 2003 (again dev version) and Progear.
  9. Yes that is the DAT format. I already have SVC chaos, Samurai Shodown 5 and Samurai Shodown 5 Special working, its just the addition of the Metal Slug data that causes the crash. I'm gonna keep trying...
  10. Sorry, i should have been more clear. This was a direct copy of my working ASR.dat from Kawaks into nebula, but when i then run the loader and press "Rescan ROMs" the program crashes. I dunno, i never thought i'd say this but i may just switch to MAME...
  11. that's weird... when i paste certain romsets into the Neogeo.dat such as metal slug 5 the program crashes on loading... just have to keep trying with both this and kawaks
  12. okey.. looks like this thread has wandered way off topic... I have acquired a loader but I am having a little trouble with the config, since it seems that each rom has to have its own DAT information file. Also, it looks like progear is not supported because nebula does not contain the XOR data. I'd still really like a fix for kawaks though...
  13. yes i have, with no luck. and sorry agozer, i've been gone too long and forgotten the rules.. i seem to remember BIOSes being banned, but not loaders
  14. nebula 224 works, but i need a url for the loader, also the asr for Progear and CRC for the correct kof2003 p rom
  15. I dunno.. i've always used Kawaks, but if someone can tell me the most recent official and loader Nebula releases i can check them out. I'd still like a Kawaks solution though...
  16. Okay, so for the new term I sold my desktop and grabbed one of the best laptops on the market... Toshiba Satellite A75S 3.33GHZ P4 800Mhz FSB 1GB DDRAM AtI Radeon 9000M 128MB 100GB HDD XP Pro with SP2 I also took the time to grab the newest emulator versions and transfer over my old data, but it seems that Kawaks no longer works AT ALL. Regardless of whether i am using 1.46(RGDC Loader), 1.48dev, or 1.54, the system loads a rom and the emu then closes before it plays (load screen works fine). Anybody seen this before? I've double checked the videocard config and am hoping its not a blanket incompatibility. Please help... without Last Blade 2 im slowly dying on the inside...
  17. On the controller subject, i found the n64 controller quite nice. It has some heft to it and the joystick has a better feel than the little PS "mushrooms". Also, the Saturn controller remains the ultimate for fighters, with six face buttons. I personally do see the effects of no anti-aliasing on ps2, in part because i play hooked up to a PC monitor with my face around 2ft away from the screen. However, i will submit to anyone to find a better looking game in terms of speed, effects and total immersion than Zone of the Enders - Second Runner on PS2, which shows that the system can put out highly advanced lighting and texture effects.
  18. Baer's 1967 prototype (nicknamed the 'Brown Box') was assembled by him and another technician during their lunch breaks at Maganavox R&D. In production, the brown box later became the Magnavox Odyssey. It played a simple pong-type game and was built entirely out of transistor circuitry, meaning that EGM described it in their interview with Baer as having a "whopping zero bits of power". Baer went on to invent the light gun. He only recently retired after working on electronic logic puzzles for much of the 1990s. I have to go and find that EGM.
  19. Yup, i'm one of those masochists, playing on normal the first time and not easy... Mission 5 is where you acquire Agni and Rudra. Short stage, hard boss, made harder by a bad camera in the boss room. First couple of times i couldn't kill either, so i saved enough orbs to buy 3 vital stars. Then i focused solely on the Wind guy, only to immediately get pwned when the other demon used both swords on me. After that it was just a few tries to earn the Air Hike (not at level 2 trickster yet) and to refine my dodging skills. right now i'm stuck on the Leviathan's heart, my damn orbs keep getting stolen as i'm slowly encircled by around 15 scythe demons. heheheh... i remember with DMC 1, i bought it at the same time as Tony Hawk 3 - got to Phantom in 10 mins, spent 2 hours trying to kill the biatch, put Tony 3 in and forgot about it for 1 month, i was so fed up. Glad i finished it though, especially on DMD mode after which you unlock Unlimited Devil Trigger.
  20. I agree, i think the designers may have been going for an 'eastern' feel this time, with the monorail and the aerial shots of the slum-like narrows (gotham - hong kong maybe?). Also, I sense a little origami in the design of the Batmobile, and of course Batman's shurikens and bladed gauntlets are eastern weapons (taken straight from Wayne's League of Shadows ninja suit). Perhaps the mask is meant to resemble a kabuki prop? Thanks also for the Crane info daeval.
  21. very good review, although daeval is right about the 'fanboy bus'. Some people buy the game just because it looks cool, and then put it down when they can't handle the difficulty. However, as such Agozer was right in including the game's style as an important part of the review. However, i will knock the gameplay for being a little unbalanced, and the difficulty is unbelievably frustrating. (Note - i finished DMC 1 on Dante Must Die Mode, so i'm no ass). On DMC3 Normal I died once on the Hell Vanguard (level 2), six times on Cerebrus, twice in mission 4 (most notably in the Chamber of sins when I accidentally point-blank shotgunned a bomb enemy) and more than ten times on mission 5. I'm currently on level 8 (just unlocked Devil Trigger). I've screamed in frustration at being gang-banged by seven demons, or to be comboing one only to have another teleport across the room to attack me from behind. Also, being only able to use some special moves at any given time (only able to switch styles between missions) makes me feel like i'm being shortchanged. DMC 1 is still the best, but DMC3 is still very good, as you could hopefully tell from this very good review.
  22. For one thing, try upgrading to ePSXe 1.60, which includes an updated helpfile. FMV may never be perfect, but you can try speeding it up by checking 'XA sound enable' in the SPU plugin and then 'Desync audio' tab in the GFX (depends on plugins).
  23. Saw the movie Wednesday night. Excellent at capturing the Batman feeling. Although the plot was very simple, it had no holes and the movie was very 'immersive' in Batman's psyche - that alone makes it better than pretty much all of the Marvel films. I especially liked the new designs of the suit/batmobile - Gotham is a little more stylized this time around (monorail, bridges, etc.) and all the angles in the shots create atmosphere. Overall, great. P.S. - I remember Al-Ghul from the Batman cartoons i watched as a kid, but does anyone know the last time Dr. Crane appeared in a Batman show/comic?
  24. I'm sure a Kawaks Cheat.dat file exists for unlocking the bosses, which is easier than finding.ips or rom hacks. You can also set your Neo-Geo emu to CONSOLE mode, and then look for in-game button codes (at least for KOF 97). Try Googling both... As for KOF 2001, buy the PS2 version, i believe igniz is unlockable.
  25. hehehe... you opened the floodgates Diso (or should i say R-Type) that pic belongs to ALL OF US NOW!!! and btw, I out R-Type you with my sig and review.... mwahahahahahah
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