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  1. Found afew more games you might be interested in Blood Warrior - kaneko 1994 G - stream G2020 - Oriental soft japan 2002 Swat Police - ESD 2001 Dream World - semicom 2000 Sd Fighters - semicom 1996
  2. Please don't leave, please eveyone work together, share and keep bringing out these fantastic emulators for xbox, I love all the work you do. You are all on the same page, there should be no conflict. You all like retro games, emulators and xbox. Don't let everyone down, I play emulator games more than I do next generation modern console games, because it is just my era of gaming, and I prefer the simplicty of retro games more than modern console games. Like today the more money that is churned into a game, the less humble it becomes. No other console has the potential to emulate more than the xbox 1 has done, please all devs continue to support it by working together. All your work is very much appreciated. Xbox community needs you all!
  3. I see that Night Slashers has been put on the wanted list, its a fantastic game but the best version is the japanese version, but I'm not sure when that version was added into mame. Its because every version of night slashers is censored with green blood and certain moves that the characters do have been cut, but the japanese version called nslashej.zip has all the gore and moves intact. check out the screens of the japanese version, red blood and more gore.
  4. The game works fine, you just need to put 2 credits in then a hand appears next to mission select and then you press start. If you put 1 credit in and press start it will freeze until you put a second credit in, try it now and see for yourself. Just need to put 2 credits in.
  5. How about Big Fight - Tatsumi (1992) Fighters History - Data East (1993)
  6. There seems to be a problem with "World Heroes" games, from the first game to "World Heroes 2 jet" When I play "World Heroes" the game is running at about 30-34 frames per second, and lags, world heroes 2 and jet seems to be the same, but "World Heroes Perfect" works fine because it must be a diffferent driver.
  7. "Spiderman" Which is based on the sega system 32 driver has some problems aswell, such as transparant backgrounds overlaps and shadow problems. Play through the first level on coinops and you will see. Sega System 32 Driver Name: segass32.c
  8. Any chance of seeing "Golden Axe 2 - Revenge of Death Adder" fully emulated and perfect with no graphics glitches, as its one of my favourite games it runs on the sega "system 32 hardware" http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=709 It runs in "coinops" but its got quite afew graphics glitches in it, such as background scrolling issues and shadow glitches, problem is I'm not sure what version of mame that ran it perfectly. keep up the great work
  9. Amazing thank you very much. just out of curiosity what 10 games were removed from the old 1010 coinops release?
  10. please may I have the link plz, I really want to try it. thank you
  11. I've been using the coinops standalone, But it dosen't have a game reset button for refreshing game settings (not that much of a big deal, but saves time exiting and loading the rom from scratch) Also when I changed the settings on coinops to disable showing how many times you have played the game, it still dosen't disable the counter, am I doing somthing wrong?
  12. BritneysPAIRS, The "Spiderman" game has problems with the character shadows and some background overlay problems, you can see it on the first level on the back of the truck and when you fight venom. Also is there any way to save the settings if you change the gamma brightness of a game, for eg when I play games like "Street Smart" I turn the gamma brightness up on it because the game is too dark, and on games like "Violent Storm" I turn the gamma brightness down from 1.00 gamma to about 70, because normally the colours washed out. I change the settings but when I load up the games again it dosen't save them, is there any way to save these settings? Also is there a game reset button configuration? or are you planning to add that later? If I change config settings of a game I have to restart the game in order for them to take effect. Thanks again Keep up the great work.
  13. Thank you very much for this, This is the best arcade experiance on xbox. was just wondering if you are planning to add the updated drivers for the "sega system 32" games? Like "Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder" and "Spider Man". If you play them on coinops you will see the graphics glitches. They do play in coinops but they have bad graphics glitches, golden axe 2 is affected with the most glitches. here is the list of games that uses sega system 32. http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=709&page=1 This is how they should look with no glitches. Also any plans on adding data east games that use Data East (ARM-based) core like "Osman" and "Night Slashers"? osman Night slashers Thanks again, I'm sure everyone really appreciates all the work you put into this. Keep up the great work
  14. I'm so happy to see new improved emulators coming out on xbox. I haven't been able to get hold of it yet, but looking forward to it. how does "golden axe 2" run? thank you
  15. Would be great to see a perfect version of Golden Axe II- revenge of death adder. The version in the latest mameox works but has various graphics glitches.
  16. Sorry my mistake, I downloaded the older release instead of the new one.
  17. samsho5 and samsho5sp don't seem to work, I don't get any error messages or warnings it just freezes.
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