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  1. I found some more game suggestions, I'll continue looking for games that could be added. Riot © 1992 NMK A run and gun type of game similer to "nam 1975" Mighty Warriors - Elettronica Video-Games A tag team vs fighting game, pretty good. Twin Cobra II © 1995 Taito good scrolling shooter Jackie Chan - The Kung-Fu Master © 1995 Kaneko Pretty funny 2d fighter (runs pretty well in latest mame) Keep up the great work guys
  2. Is there any chance of having "Double Dragon 3 (Japan)" version added? the japanese version is alot better than the other versions, it gives you all the special moves and weapons from the start and removes that god awful shop system. It also lets you choose different characters from the start of the game as seen here.
  3. Regarding the neogeo update the only games that I've seen that don't run full speed are "World Heroes", "World Heroes 2" and "World Heroes 2 jet", will let you know if any others don't run full speed.
  4. Hello there A few pages back "Iq_132" said could anyone could think of anymore games that could be added, then I started looking through some of the mame games, trying to find games that aren't added, found some here. "Kyukyoku Sentai Dadandarn" know outside of japan as "Monster Maulers"© 1993 Konami. A fun Beat 'em up by konami Gaiapolis 1993 Konami. scrolling action hack and slash game from konami The Crystal of Kings © 2001 BrezzaSoft. Great Beat 'em up similer to dungeons and dragons Martial Champion © 1993 Konami As far as I know these games aren't playable in coinops, not sure what the possibilities of them being added to coinops are? I'll continue to look out for anymore games Keep up the great work guys
  5. I'm so happy "Fighters History" is in, I used to play that game loads in the arcades Also Night Slahsers, awesome game, can't believe it!!! does that mean the japanese version of Night Slashers will be working also in coinops? cause thats the uncensored version. This is turning into something very special, thank you BritneysPAIRS and iq_132!
  6. Hi there which game was this that iq_132 fixed? I click the links and can't see any pictures keep up the great works guys.
  7. Boogie Wings in coinops!, absoultley fantastic! Any chance of Fighters History being added? or any of the sega32 games like Golden Axe 2 and Spiderman graphics glitches fixed? This is just great all these new games coming to coinops thank you so much
  8. The only problem with that pack is there is no possible way of adjusting the difficulty, and as you know after 2 or 3 games the computer becomes extremely cheap. The only way to enjoy those games I find is put them on the easiest difficulty, something that you can't do with the MK pack.
  9. Giving this post a bump because it deserves one as its been inactive for 2 months, Enkak made this a good thread with driver information, and these are games people would like to see. Are we ever going to see any of these games and fixes in the new coinops? It would be a shame not to, since we have such good emulators but no one to code in the new games
  10. Yeah I wish we could see some new games added or even games that are in coinops atm fixed, like "Golden Axe revenge of Death adder" etc. Don't get me wrong skins and tweaks are good and all, but I think what people really want to see is new games added.
  11. Is there an option to take a screenshot while in game? then when you exit it will display the screenshot you just took while at the romlist select screen like normal mame does? Only reason I say that is cause sometimes people like to take thier own game screenshots, but if not its no big problem cause there is screenshot packs available anyway
  12. Can I have a pm to the new rom pack plz?
  13. This is such a great emulator, looks fantastic and even more features than last release. Thank you BP Will anyone help BritneysPAIRS with adding new games to this awesome emulator? this thread is what people want added. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30060
  14. I know that alot of the sega STV games are more 3D based games. But cause this game is just 2D I thought the chance of it running emulated on xbox would be easier since xbox handles 2D games pretty good, this game is no more graphically better than any of the "Samurai Showdown" games for eg, would porting this to xbox really be pushing the xbox emulation capabilities? thanks again
  15. I love all the Golden Axe games, and one of my favourites is "Golden Axe the Duel", it came out on the sega saturn and arcades, I just recently played it in Mame pc and it runs great, even on my old computer, Its a Sega STV game, is there any chance this game could be played on the xbox? I didn't think there would be a problem since cps3 games were emulated for xbox and run great, and this game is probably less memory intensive than cps3 games since its a smaller size. Anyone have an idea if it would be possible? with a driver upgrade? It Would be absoultey great if it could be added to xbox collection of arcade games either in FBA or Coinops, if anyone hasn't played it before give it a go, its a great looking game.
  16. Any of these games gonna make it into the new coinops then?
  17. Please add NeoGeo CD support in FBA if its possible, I read that iq132 said it was really easy to do. The Xbox is crying out for a new updated emulator for neogeo CD games, and would fit so perfect in new FBA
  18. The only neogeo games that I noticed don't run full speed are World heroes, World heroes 2 and World heroes 2 jet. Play them in coinops and look at the FPS counter in corner, the FPS only drops when the round starts, and lags.
  19. I love Vandal Hearts games, I really hope the new one on ps3 is going to be as good as the old ones when its released.
  20. That would be absolutely beautiful, the ability to play Neogeo CD on FBA would be fantastic.
  21. I never used FBA emulator before, was wondering if FBA for xbox runs Neogeo CD games? Thanks
  22. Another suggestion "Daraku Tenshi - Fallen Angel" could be added? beautiful game made by Psikyo 1998, but would xbox be able to run the game proplerly?
  23. Please add Fighters History (data east), its the original fighters history not the neogeo game called fighters history dynamite, reason is that I remember that game was right next to street fighter 2 in my local arcade
  24. Hope with the current situation that in time these games make it onto new coinops
  25. Hi I just got these emulators for the xbox, but was wondering is it possible to use a real keyboard for these emulators? The emulators I want to use them for are Arnoldx and WinUAEX, becuase I had a real Amstrad computer at home I used to play so I need a keyboard to properly play some of these games. If it works what type of keyboard do I need? a special one for xbox or any usb keyboard? Any help would be great, thank you. Also can't figure out how to load games with WinUAEX yet
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