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  1. Haven't Heard from the author long ago... maybe it's dead or the author is busy with other things
  2. Well I got several homebrew games to work here: CLICKY ME and i think they patched it with DLDITool and The SuperCard(SC) DLDI File
  3. Well, DSemu can't run commercial games yet right...... I guess your right but, this will help people out there who can't find games for their emu..... just lock it perhaps if i'm doing wrong....
  4. What do you think or expectations in case the All-Time classic,humorous,kick-a$$ RPG for the SNES will be when nintendo releases EarthBound or Mother for the DS or Wii???
  5. LOL! All I know is just change one of the Emulation Settings option: NDS Cartridge Backup Media: Flash 512kb or Flash 265kb and my game will be saved! my emulator version: No$GBA 2.6 latest freeware version there is also a paid version: No$GBA 2.6a with debugging features and anextra OpenGL 3D speed than the No$GBA 2.6 release
  6. Please tell me on how to get a DLDI patched game to work on no$gba 2.6 i download the latest version of WarCraft Tower Defense Homebrewed Game which I needed to patch. I patched it with Win32 GUI DLDITool and a GBA Movie Player(Compact Flash) DLDI file wit a .nds file of the WarCraft Game the DLDI tool patched it successfully but when i try loading it, it says an error on the touch screen i don't remember what it is cause I deleted it it says something like i needed to patch the binary..... i know that the binary is now patched (the .nds file is all i know is a binary file) does it only work for the real DS consoles or am I wrong does it works also with no$gba i'm confused cause I can run other homebrew games i downloaded here: PDROMs which is all i know that the authors of the games i download at the site i mentioned above patched some of the homebrew games with a SuperCard DLDI file and an appropriate DLDITool
  7. Please note that DSemu is still not yet capable of running commercial games such as Pokemon D/P,Final Fantasy Games,Super Mario Games,Zelda etc... etc..... etc... while it is at stage of more improvement I encourage everyone of you to try homebrew games for your DSemu! here is a link of best DSemu games! PDROMs besides from being free and fun to download and play.... it's legal, downloading commercial ROMs is not, also the world of homebrew games is very quite interesting so I hope you have fun playing homebrewed games!
  8. Well you see I download the latest version of the WarCraft Tower Defense Homebrew for the DS(which can be found here: http://ndswtd.wordpress.com/) and i'm trying it on my No$GBA 2.6 emulator, but when I patched the .nds and nds.gba files with DLDITool and 2 DLDI Patch files, I loaded the files on my no$gba(after patching it succesfully with the appropriate tool) it keeps saying that I need to DLDI patch the binary which is the .nds file of the game I downloaded anyone wanna help me? Thanks in advance
  9. http://www.maxconsole.net/ http://pdroms.de/ http://www.ndshb.com/ Homebrewed Original DS Games
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