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  1. Richard Cheese - Get Down with the Sickness Disturbed - Get down with the Sickness I've been looking for that since I saw Dawn of the Dead! Thanks!
  2. I have one of those anti RIAA shirts... Now THAT pwns all right there. I download music constantly...even music I don't want... But if I couldn't download I wouldn't buy CD's, I didn't listen to music at all before Napster.
  3. Could you explain "timing" in more detail?
  4. I think for myself... And does Peet's tea or whatever sell Jolt? Bawls maybe?
  5. Theres gonna be a Shadowrun sequel?! ... Sorry, let me change my pants. And I didn't scheme through FF9, it was just easy. I don't know how anyone could call it difficult. I guess collecting all the little junky trinkets everywhere might lengthen it significantly, but that's just long, not hard.
  6. The most influential CO for me was Konami...but I accidently selected Capcom instead...bleh. Zombies Ate my Neighbors is what ultimately made me realize that I wasn't good at anything involving physical activity, and here I am today!
  7. I remember a Family Guy episode... Dude: How old are you? Girl: 15 Dude: 18?! Alright...! Girl: MOM!!! Dude: I like where this is goin'...
  8. I voted Capcom because it's fighting games rock, and everything else they have makes me biased toward them. But I have to say Mortal Kombat is second, if not first, when it comes to fighting games. I just like gore! It's also one of the only fighting games where you win through friendship! You beat the organs out of someone, then wave your hands a round and make a rainbow and you're all friends again!
  9. Fatal Frame 1 & 2 are both out in America...I think.
  10. I'd have to say the Konami Code. It covers so many games its rediculous(spelling?). On a side note...GRADIUS V IS COMING OUT!!! YAY!!! And I dont think there is an AYBABTU code...
  11. RPGS?...Oi, where to start... Final Fantasy - Okay, Most of the more modern FFs(7+) are way too easy, unless you count the uber hard bosses, which aren't really uber hard, because the only way to beat them usually involves using some absurd, almost cheap, tactic or combo. Especially FF9, that is one of the easiest games ever. Your characters do max damage without you trying. The main sidequest was a randomized hot & cold game, and is one of my least favorite side quests to date. FFTactics was one of my favorite games...until the end when it got too easy. Fortunately, by leaving out the uber characters like Orlandu and...Orlandu, it can be a lot harder. And you can keep playing it to try out different party combinations.(My favorite(And the best ever) consists of a Samurai, 2 Bards & 2 Dancers ) The early FF's were pretty good, I guess... I'm still wondering why 3 hasn't been released in America yet, it's one of my favs. Xenogears - was awesome. The combo system was great, but magic tended to never be used. Xenosaga, IMO, wasn't near as good, but it's still fun. What else... Kingdom Hearts - I haven't played it yet even though I keep telling myself to. It looks stupid because it's Disney, but it looks cool because it's Square. It also has a Nightmare Before Christmas area, which has to be cool. PC RPGS - My PC sucks pretty bad so I can't play many, but they're still fun. Especially online, unless you have to pay monthly! BOF - 3, 4, and that PS2 one are all fun. 1 & 2 are okay... Other(Square) - Saga Frontier was awesome, SF2 was okay, Unlimited Saga was too limited. Parasite Eve is one of my favorite games EVER. If you don't have it yet shell out 10 bucks for a used copy and play it. Vagrant Hearts has eluded my grasp for some time... Brave Fencer Musashi(I think that was an RPG) is awesome, another one everyone should play at least once. Bahamut Lagoon is an okay strategy game for the SNES, try it out once. Front Mission was Square right? One way or another, it owns. Play it for SNES, or if you know Japanese play 2 & 3 for various systems. Or wait a bit and play 4 in English!(I'm so excited ) Other(Other/Unknown) - Battle Hunter is a fun but simple RPG where you move around on one of a few grey boards in a turn based board game and collect random junk. It's fun multiplayer anyway... Grandia - Haven't played... .HACK//WHATEVER - Very fun technically action RPG. It's supposed to simulate an online game, which it doesn't do so well as some say, but it's plot and general gameplay rules. (Comes in four Episodes!) POKEMON - Fun game there, it's gotten better over time. There's a lot of things that could make someone not like it thought, so be cautious... Dragon Warrior - Mostly fun, I often spent a long time walking back and forth leveling, but otherwise it's fun. Mario RPG = Good Paper Mario = Good Mario & Luigi = Bad Zelda(all but Wind Waker) is good, but Wind Waker was too easy, and you spent too much time sailing around in an ugly boat. Disgaea! We can't forget Disgaea, it's one of the best Strategy RPGs ever! You play as a Demon and you can use all these weapons, and it looks pretty...and yeah. Also has a prequel/sequel depending on where you live and how bad I am at spelling. Speaking of Strategy RPG's, Fire Emblem is top on the list. We only have one in America but it's one that's AWESOME. Shadowrun was fun, but the it's more fun P&P. It would make an awesome MMORPG, but it hasn't been done yet. Trivia: originally held copyrights to "The Matrix"! Mega Man Battle Network - Thats great too, especially because it contains Megaman. Seems aimed toward a younger audience though... Secret of Mana and all of its sequels are pretty good. Secret of Evermore and all its sequels are good. Terranigma and all related games are only mediocre. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject to change, games may later be added. Consider this the RPG Bible. Tell me of anything I'm forgetting.(There's probobly a lot).
  12. I'm looking for some good fighting games... Any system... Any generation...
  13. The scariest game ever is the original Clock Tower. It's another one that combines the two horror elements discussed thus far. I still must look behind me sometimes to see if the scissorman is there! If there's anyone here who hasn't played it yet, go download it now!(SNES)
  14. Sooooo...my friend modded his XBOX and put ZSNES on it... How might I go about doing this? Please direct me elsewhere if it's already been posted(And it probobly has).
  15. Bit of interesting info... The Playstation started as a joint venture between Nintendo and Sony... until Nintendo decided "No one's going to want to use CD's", and Sony left them. And also, for the dude selling his GC for an XBOX, I think they either have or are making the GC PSO for XBOX. Now everyone can be happy.
  16. "..Ghede." "I'm an...acquisitions specialist by trade, but discovered an offer I couldn't refuse!" "While...borrowing some food from a village, I overheard someone speaking about a mind controller named Zolgan. I thought ""Mind controller? Surely one who controls others mind would have a large amount of treasure!"" So I set off to find out where one of such magnificence would live." "I found out he lives in the far northern regions, I was merely on my way to relieve him of all his stressful wordly possesions." "Naturally if I were to actually meet an all powerful mind controller I would need something to protect my head, so I thought I'd invest your equipment in a helmet." "Surely you can spare a few measly credits on a poor traveler?"
  17. Hyper Super? Anyway... I HAVE CREATED A CHARACTER!!! Behold!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Ghede Class: Thief HP: 150/150 MP: 60/60 Weapons: I) Dual-wielded Assassin's Daggers 30-40x2 II) Blitz Bomb 80 Skills: I) Steal: 10 mp Attempts to make what is others one's own. II) Backstab: 20 mp Deal 3x damage on hit from behind Auras: I) Lucky!!!:Increases the chances for events to happen in ones favor. Items: I) Vial of Toxinsx2 II) Blitz Bombx4 Money: Yours Location: Inn of yet to be named town Current Status: Hungry Edited by Disoblige to make it look neat!
  18. Anyone know how I can write my own midi's?
  19. You need to add some Megadeth in somewhere. They're so awesome... Try The Symphony of Destruction.
  20. I'll join, looks like fun. What do I do?
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