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  1. Let's see...you could sell some of you body parts, give blood? Set up a lemonade stand!?
  2. Cable, Roadrunner, still fails me often.
  3. I don't support Bush...or anyone else for that matter. But...at one point everyone was criticizing him for sending troops into Iraq...now they're criticizing him for not sending them soon enough...
  4. I've always wanted the Super Nintendo to be emulated myself... j/k Maybe...nope no idea.
  5. I really don't like the matrix either. The fighting in it is way to fake for me. But the story line is ok I guess. Too fake? Isn't it supposed to be fake?
  6. Truthfully, since I don't think you have to INITIALLY pay for the game(like the software), just to play it, this is probobly the cheapest MMORPG out there.
  7. If it closely resembles Star Wars Gakaxies, that means it will be bad. We're hoping AGAINST that.
  8. Here G, you'll like this. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/158218
  9. Bleh, what happened to sex? I'm sure the kids can get counseling or something later. Look at me! I turned out fine. ... Kind of.
  10. Any good RPGs for the Bill-BOX? KOTOR and...Morrowind...and...... ...... no just those two. Which can both be played on the PC.
  11. Ramen, tons upon tons of Ramen. I buy 48 packs at a time, it's a major part of my diet.
  12. The reason you find more X-BOX games is because they were realeased later than the PS2 ones, most people bought those immediately and left the X-BOX games for the newer crowd. ...I think...
  13. So, it shows nothing at all? Just sits there for 3 friggin' hours? Yeah, that's weird. Your DirectX is working properly? It doesn't not show ANYTHING. It shows the screen, where everything SHOULD be, but it's all black. And then it just kind of sits there...and freezes my comp... Is 1.36 the latest version? That's what I got at Zophar... Try pressing ALT+ENTER for chrissakes. If that doesn't help, you're really stuck. Oh wow...look at that... Yeah I knew that all along...
  14. I'd make some kind of cool game that everyone likes! I'd make an RPG, probobly MMO, no wait not MMO... And it would be really cool! Modern/future, it has to have guns...some Matrix-like abilities. A hacking feature, like the Matrix from Shadowrun... Kind of like a mix of Shadowrun and the Matrix.
  15. I AM antichristian, but this is not the post for that!
  16. Now I REALLY wanna play again, blast.
  17. Okay, it's the weekend now right? GO! SEX! NOW!
  18. I played back in Beta, when it was still free... I was gonna start again, but when I wanted to start it wouldn't work anyway! Maybe I'll try starting again...again.
  19. One might assume a negative impact... And I haven't seen the animatrix yet, but I want to!
  20. No one here said that high school is like real life. But it is a sample of the kinds of shallow people and problems you'll meet in real life. And you never answered my question on the previous page...I'm waiting for it. Actually, I'm pretty sure a couple people HAVE said high school is at least similar to real life.
  21. What post count? J/K But NO, I seriously can't start my roms! How do I insert a coin! (I don't literally mean insert a coin...) You know what I mean! But I guess you don't... Blast. EDIT: NM, I found it. I feel so stupid sometimes.
  22. If I was on a deserted Island I'd harness my telekinetic power and fly back to the mainland. Except if I'm on a deserted island and I think I have telekinetic power, I'm probobly drunk or something. So trying to fly back to shore would probobly kill me.
  23. I didn't notice any philosophical questions... ... Special effects are kewl, YAY!
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