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  1. i can't wait for coinops 6!! coinops5 is old hat!
  2. well, as one who used to edit video myself (ye ole beta and/or vhs decks (linear editing) i'll accept the apology. i recommend looking at the list fu supplied. when it come to the size of the drive be sure to stay above 250gigs. my xbox has that size and am able to put pretty much every xport/madmab (all xtras), final burn legends, cpx3, daphnie, coinops (older version [epic r9], arcade only with any duplicates deleted due to being played in final burn legends) with most if not every rom (parents in arcade emu's) and at least ten xbox games with 20-30gig open.
  3. oh... so several days to this new guy is actually a few hours/1 day depending on what part of the planet you live on. his post here is time stamped. we did answer some questions here but i guess he/she needs to get a 'fix' right away. i hope he/she enjoys the constant roller coaster that is included with coinops. the mind numbing psychedelic bad trip of not living in the real world... and the locks. this guy seems to fit the mold of a bp minion.
  4. i don't see why you'd want to play coinops outside the xbox? coinops is basically mameox (a much older xbox mame emu based on mame .084) with a couple bells and whistles. i'd suggest hyperspin instead if your going the pc route. i think the newer coinops has the abilty to network the roms without needing to actually have them on your xbox though... i'm not a 100% sure. but installing a larger hard-drive into your xbox never hurt. besides you can add all the other emu's for the xbox too.
  5. :lol: And as usual "most of the work" involves making threats and getting upset. so everyone who helps is a idot!!
  6. 128 NeoGeo Decrypted Sets now playable i wonder how he did that?
  7. putting a emulator on the xbox is actually quite easy once you can connect correctly to your network. do you know what 'ftp' is? (file transfer protocol) once you get a good ftp program (i use flash fxp) than transfering emu's to the the xbox is a snap. (depends on the file size). when transfering a emu, example: neogenesis(sega genesis/32x/sega cd emu), you take the folder then put into your emu folder that xbmc is looking at (or what ever folder you use for emu's). it's very similar to moving folders on a pc. you won't need to do any pc-like install. you may/will need to set up a few things like rom location, box art, screen shots and etc. i'll let +T+ answer the coinops question as i don't use any updated versions. i stopped at coinops epic r9 (1.5+ years old version) due to certain issues... but that's not important right now.
  8. the xbox in that vid was tsop (which i broke ) that was already modified with a 120gig hard drive when i got it. i bypassed the eeprom with a new doux chip and now the box works great. that's not even my xbox with every bell & whistle. my white xbox has everything that i want. i highly suggest that you have xbmc (xbox media center) as your dash (loading operating system). then you can access the emulators from that. xbmc also does a whole lot more.
  9. i guess since we're putting links... http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2141 BAM!! my xbox arcade in all it's early glory!! see what a real xbox can do!
  10. unforetunetly the big bug can't be stomped! just like a cochroach you think it's gone and it keeps moving...
  11. UPDATED this due to some issues. +T+ Please upload to xbins.
  12. also, i totally forgot this: DECRYPTED NEOGEO ROMS WORK IN THIS BUILD!!
  13. This is another update to NES6502's Final Burn Legends. Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox. It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. Support for over 2700 games. Some games are not playable anywhere else on the Xbox. +T+, can you up this to xbins for me?
  14. will add to fbl... oh, and don't forget about the stoic version too fu!!
  15. to be specific the idea of a xtras favorites list is the it can be altered by the end user. basically you can add it IF you want it. it's just small ini file anyway. the idea is have the best of the best games listed with cleaned up names done, example: Street Fighter 2' champion edition (92304) <---default in the game list favorites list: Street Fighter 2' Champion Edition that's all also, i like the old fba-xxx list too. simple and sectioned by system. but the fbl skin has it's advantages... and it looks awesome on my arcade machine!! ok, i'll leave the pr0n (garbage imo) alone.
  16. You're planning to remove supported games from FBL? most likely it'll be a pre-made edited favorites list.
  17. for the first question i assume you want these gone... or your a total perv!! actually, i am planning on ditching the pr0n completely but more important stuff is in the works right now.
  18. those will be in the next release of fbl.. be patient.
  19. i didn't really touch the neogeo/cps2 cores in this release. just a roll-back to v1.9.
  20. i think you posted in the wrong post fu...
  21. are you thinking of mayhem666/xboxer! he's got his set over at emuxtras...
  22. @iq_132: did you see my pm at neosource?
  23. whoa... fbl v1.3, going old skool! it seems like my list is getting bigger...
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