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  1. i want the source for the latest version of co4... please provide a link bp.
  2. well then, hurry and release co5... i wanna try it. i'm serious about making a skin. and i never claimed being an expert!
  3. well, you deserve the fruit basket... just send me a cheese wheel and i'll be happy. and games-fan... it should be this big! the source is at xbins now in accord with 'GPL licensed open source software'. so that means if YOU take the source and modify it any way, or add anything from it to anything else (you know what i mean) then release it to anyone, even just to your next door neighbor, YOU must release YOUR source too. don't forget to reconize where you got the source and from whom... i put a 'MUST READ ME' that must be taken seriuosly and YOU must be compliant with those wishes too. i would think that at least ace9094 & sharpfork appreciate the work that was done with fbl by snes6502, +T+ and myself so that coinops can be 'better'. alas, no actual appreciation is ever given to those who's work is in coinops, no matter how small because bp doesn't like to share!
  4. it looks like he used a certain source to fix his out-dated version of final burn... i wonder how?
  5. i still can't get this to work on my v1.6 xbox... AAARRGGHH!! not even my star wars republic commandos is working... double AAARRGGHH!!
  6. maybe money grows on tree's in scotland but it don't here... believe me... i'll never download anything this big ever again. the pd mame torrent i have is rediculous... i wish the fruit roms weren't included. they have the chd seperated but not the fruit roms. oh well...
  7. i can't wait... i gotta get to getting my xbox ready asap. need to fit the time in some how. 50gig's to download... wonder how long it'll take to download that. edit: ugh... my ratio ain't all that good anymore at ug. (i don't download everything i see.) hopefully co5 will be golded for no reason this time too!
  8. Can I assume from this that anyone who posts a negative comment on any site would have his membership revoked? And if it was done on his site, that the post would be removed? If that is true, you can be assured that here, at least, we won't censor your thoughts on bp or his emulators. IDIOTS... it's spelled I D I O T S. FOR THE LOVE OF ANYTHING USE SPELL-CHECK! i guess it will be upto the community maybe a poll will decide so here's proof positive that he does care what we think...
  9. ok, so i'll make a new skin when it's out...
  10. i agree, it doesn't look bad... it's clean and better than the last ones. i think bp should take my idea's to balance it a bit though. stuff being ripped off... he'll surprise us with something else eventually.
  11. ok, i don't get it... i just checked bp's site and people are drooling over a look that's been around in fbl for over 2 years. do these people only have access to his site and are cut off from everything else. are they all located in china?
  12. no, i've never seen that set up anywhere... it's completely original, just like coinops. i hope bp makes it so we as the consumer can ajust the font size and location of the fonts. those look way to close to the edge. bp, take it from someone who 'just knows how to make skins & icons'. the fonts will be cut off on most screens. i know the screen could be adjusted but from a balanced look it's off. also, where the 'http' is above, it's empty. perhaps make like this: i don't know where this comes from. (i assume it's from a pc emu) but the vids and the list are balanced and the empty space isn't as much as a void. you still have time til november. get to work and impress me! perhaps i'll have to make a skin for this when it comes out... that is if bp doesn't lock that ability out. p.s. i just gave him a idea... i hope i get some credit in the release notes!
  13. i sure hope my marquee's i've made show up in coinops5. that would be exciting!
  14. If you've got any of madmab's emulators on there, it'll most probably do that for you! no worries... i don't use this 80gig xbox for my main xbox arcade machine. i have 5 xboxes, 1 for the arcade, 1 for my living room, 2 are 'bork'd', and the 80gig. it'll make the sacrifice of the ages...
  15. well, i'm gonna sacrifice my 80gig former arcade xbox for this release. this way i can finally see the 'vision'... or what ever you call it. if all else fails... i'll reformat the my F drive if it gives me trouble!
  16. i'm a lover, not a fighter...
  17. oh good, there will be a loop hole... hopefully we'll be able to mess around with the release. not really gonna do this! just saw this: that would be interesting...
  18. well if the lizard princess is getting upset about you posting the info about his/her 'emu' then he should be very ticked off with fumanchu/xcaliber... actually, i hope he just stops coinops5 updates all together. he should just stop... in fact, if he doesn't i'm gonna get the emu and modify all the crap out of it. then upload it so as to give better options for the masses. seriously, i'm not gonna at all. but most likely he/she will blow the above statement out of proporation.
  19. @gamezfan: your getting in trouble for reposting what he wrote? bp is acting like childish bully like he always does. @bp: the minions on your site don't know how you really are. i hope your not really like this in real life and are just acting like a jerk on the interenet to feel some sort of power. your the real BULLY... if this post is mentioned at bp's site in anyway shape or form that person, be it bp himself or any other, should be banned from that site for breaking the bully's rules.
  20. I doubt you'll upset anyone here. Unlike certain other forums, the devs here don't throw spoiled girly tantrums at the slightest hint of a conflicting opinion. CoinOPS gets a "meh" from me too; though I'll be happy to revise that if anything remotely interesting ever gets added to it. not upset... happy as a clam actually. my iphone just took a bath!
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