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  1. tartar sauce... i've been here for a long while but don't have 1000+ posts. i feel second class...
  2. i don't know if deleting the stuff is a good idea. maybe move it to a garbage section and lock them.
  3. no... hotswap on the xbox directly. i can't recall the name of the xbox app though.
  4. @alpha: i'd say it'd be a good idea to keep this thread going for a few days/weeks(?) to make sure plenty of input has been suggested by a variety of xbox community members. edit: spelling
  5. xbox arcade section would be nice. also, i hope there won't be a million sections though. keep it simple. xbox talk in general all xbox emu/misc releases <---i would let fumanchu be in control of this. but limit it non-discussions. let the talk be in it's own sub-forum. coinops specific fbl specific xport/madmab specific other xbox emu's xbox arcade <---those of us into making an xbox specific arcade system w/ tips, help etc. <---sharpfork would be someone i think would be a great person to moderate due to his extensive knowledge in this area. i agree with +T+ about letting others to come back. and +T+ being a mod... yes.
  6. @newwave: what dashboard are you using? is it xbmc? if it is then the emu's you already have may not set up in xbmc program directory. if this is the case, then go to the program screen, press the white button, you'll have options and then have xbmc look to the folder where your emu's are. you can also search for emuxtras and find some other goodies for your xbox. coinops4 will be out soon... then r1 will be here, then r5... r9. coinops5 will be out in 3 months... @ace: blatent disregard for forum rules for posting a link... but then again i doubt anything will happen.
  7. i play cpx3 with ntsc tv and no problems except for maybe crashing twice in all. my xbox is a v1.6 too.
  8. the cps3 core... could it be just linked to cpx? cpx runs great on 64m xboxes. i have used it for many years with no slow down. or the "dev" may have gotten the source from the cpx dev. doubt that though. if it's modified fbl code, then iq132 or kenshiro may have something to do with it. but, if that's the case than +T+ would have gotten it and released fbl v1.10 or a mini update for us. the mk3 thing... didn't it already have the ripped xbox games linked? but you're talking about actual roms of mk3? i'll have to see it to believe it. we've been down this road before... question: does nba jam run perfect, ie sound and "full speed" on this certain application? p.s. this post will most likely be quoted elsewhere... standby for the following: newb, nose to spit his face, all they can make are icons and skins, web-site no one goes to.
  9. there won't be any links here... use the evil corporate search engine google. and what have i found. tee hee...
  10. +T+ i've considering getting into the idea you just mentioned. in fact i do have a windows xp comp that i don't use often and my friend just gave me his xbox that i was planning on making into a dev xbox. one of my buddies is a software & hardware engineer and he offered to help me too. i just don't know what software i need.
  11. and if you notice who did the port, he's emuxtras dev... hint.
  12. now that i have my arcade in the works... i agree with this.
  13. NNNOOOOOOOO!!! i was so looking forward to at least one more fbl update. oh well... i understand your point of view. is it possible that you can send what you have worked on over to the guys over at emuxtras to maybe finish what you have at least started?
  14. coinops (in any of it's releases) uses a very old, out-dated romset from mame .084. (it's so 2004) [edit: apparently per a very questionable source the cps2 driver has been slightly updated to run something. but only the cps2 stuff per the source. so that leaves the neogeo, cps1, and so on that is not updated. remember i got this info from the actual source!] fbl uses a newer romset from mame .144+; which was released just last december. the roms are emulated closer to that of the original arcade.
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