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  1. i think cps3 games do work with 128megs xbox's. the encrypted neogeo roms... never noticed. are these parent roms? they roms names end with 'n' or 'nd'?
  2. @+T+: then that means everyone will be able to compile their own emu... and, um... how can a pusher keep his/her business if everyone get's their 'stuff' for free? (jk)
  3. i know ya'll is busy... +T+ & iq_132, did you see my pm's?
  4. well, it's hardly even finished... but yes, that is the plan. will these work with an xbox?
  5. my friend and i beat beestorm dodonpachi in fbl today on my arcade. he loved it and it gave me a feel of when i played in the arcade as a kid/teenager. previous pix from old post: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/33780-my-xbox-arcade-build/page__pid__353934__st__11?do=findComment&comment=353934
  6. well, after some time of not doing anything with this, i had time two weeks ago with my dad-in-law to work on my arcade: yeah... in-laws are useful! but really, i appreciate the help my dad-in-law did. thanks dad!!
  7. This sort of experimentation should not be discouraged. Not being content with restrictions is how I first got into developing and CoinOPS itself is nothing more than a previously released program that has been tweaked and altered to suit the needs of someone else. This scene exists because there are users who aren't content to just follow and beg for what they want. My respect goes to anyone who rolls up their sleeves and tries to do these things for themselves. it's like telling bunny when he hacked the xbox "STOP."
  8. well, congrats to you... but it sounds similar to the old way of getting around the non-arcade roms. but i think you able re-scan w/o issues in previous versions.
  9. @bigby: it would simplify things if he'd just release ONE version. we don't see madmab releasing a ton of the same emu with different lock options. THE LOCKS MAKE THE CONFUSION WORSE!! p.s. say hi to bp for me...
  10. the locks are added because bp isn't in control of 'hacked' releases... if the locks weren't in the system than people could use coinops however which way they want. why then does he eventually release a stand-alone version. it's about control. @ace: look at it this way... when you use windows and there is stuff on it you never want to use you delete it. it doesn't effect the system operation. same with coinops, it's like getting a new computer with bloat-ware that some users don't want. however, you say just press a button and make it disappear... gamezfan is right, hdd space is crucial for many users. i have a 250g hhd but i don't want the consoles, rips, and other media. also, having it in the "place it's at" is a good move on your part ace. it's private, but still the release is way too big. it should have been released coinops w/ arcade only and the other stuff on other torrents similar to co3.
  11. do us a big favor and torrent that puppy at u***********g***********... i will seed it too!!
  12. spill the beans on a unlocked version!! and the skins look dull... nothing that impressive. i guess xport/madmab & fbl skins have made gui skins bar pretty high.
  13. looks kinda 'new world order' ish... very cool.
  14. Virtua Cop 3 ??? yeah... this has been talked about over at emuxtras for a couple months now. sounds like you've been under a rock.
  15. try it... and if it works, post your findings. default.xbe may be coded to the new files. just use co3 sunset. your not really getting a ton of new stuff. all of the emu's/games bp put's in coinops run already on other xbox emu's. ok, except for dodonpachipachi arrange, he got me there.
  16. i'm sorry you can't get the ones you want working, however aren't you glad that you aren't 'locked' in what you can do with fbl? i don't mind that you use other xbe's, tell us if that works! more power to the end user!! do you have movies on this said xbox or just title screens? have you tried to reformat the drive completely? and the format of the 'f' drive? that sometimes opens up more hdd space.
  17. well, this is an nice issue. a continuous one too. the way around this in the older coinops is do fresh install, be sure your save file in udata / tdata (e: drive) has been deleted. put all the roms in the said folder (or direct to your roms folder) then after you have done rom check then delete the ones you don't want. now i have been told by ace that the official torrent somewhere (?) has everything and so you'll have to have everything from that torrent, [rant]53gig's and most of us only want the arcade side except for bp and his fan club[end-rant], so hopefully you still have all the files.
  18. did you make sure your neo-geo bios are right? check the *cough* repo and find my neo-geo.zip. it has all the bios needed for 'v1.10'. and i know you still use a v1.7 romset!!
  19. my tv is now immortalized on the internet thanks to fu...
  20. +T+ can you put [NEW] in the post topic... i forgot to.
  21. This is another update to NES6502's Final Burn Legends. Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox. It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. Support for over 2700 games. Some games are not playable anywhere else on the Xbox. This update adds playability for Demon Front & Beestorm DoDonpachi 2 1.10 Changes - Games added are Demon Front & Beestorm DoDonpachi 2 - cps2 games work Thanks iq_132 +T+ gamezfan cbagy chelle' cb-games emuxtras.net 1emulation.com Download: usual place
  22. on a side note... i have a new signature!!
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