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  1. most likely it's the locks bp puts in.
  2. i find it funny actually when playing... but the reason is that midway games could not be emulated well on the xbox when these were released. i don't know how well it's improved since then (mame .145 now) but i know that midway games have always been a hog when it comes to emulation. i don't know why bp has decided to emulate these. in coinops3 these were mainly just xbox ripped games. but then again he may have figured something out. on a side note: why haven't these games been put into final burn? answer: the dev's of final burn aren't interested.
  3. i couldn't have done this without +T+ & iq_132 help... BIG thanks to both of you!
  4. it's funny... that xbox360 controller on top of my tv hasn't moved from that location much. i think it's been in all my pix of my skins i've made too.
  5. well, let's take fbl as a much easier example. we know that it has many different cores. however the roms are in all the same folder. (if that's the way you want it) the roms will only work if it's core is represented and targeted to that core. so bp can make a game run on any core he pleases if it works with that core. he makes all these folders for some odd reason. it may make sense to him.
  6. Every CPS2 game that I have tried on my box, the screen comes up garbled and crashes. You can only hear the music. actually i just confirmed this myself. i tried gigawing, darkstalkers, and megaman2 which did as you discribed. well, it is a beta and issues will come up. i'm learning how to do this stuff. so you may want to go back to v1.9 for now and sorry for any inconvience.
  7. i've never played giga wing before... i see it's cps2 game. i didn't touch anything on cps2 with this release.
  8. the state of arizona... check. i will never set foot in that odd place.
  9. in what country is it annual pony day so i can avoid that country in my travels.
  10. no worries... p.s. why are little rainbow looking creatures doing the hula and falling down my computer screen when i come to 1emu?
  11. i like it... only issue i see is that your using xbox360 fonts and logo. could you make one with the original xbox font and logo? make the font & logo white too.
  12. it's too bad that xbox-scene doesn't report on the ole' xbox as often. with recent emu updates (snes, scumm, etc) and big surprises (saturn and 3do emu's though not perfect) you'd think they would try to re-amp up the scene. similar to what alpha's been doing here. i think most of us who enjoy emu's on xbox are the older crowd who actually grew up playing these actual game consoles as kids/teens and i believe that's what keeping the scene, though small, alive. if it wasn't for xbox-scene i wouldn't have gotten into xbox modding. come to think of it... it's their fault!!
  13. hhhmmmm... i'm in the usa too. also, i see that your new here. but i'm just curious as to why with this being your first post that your giving away a 128m xbox. i hope this isn't spam.
  14. has anyone had issue with this release... any problems?
  15. i love this... fba: "i want sprite zooming!" fbl: "..." fba: "fbl?" xbox: "take a hint fba."
  16. simple: the first one can be seen easier with a color in the background... the colors represent the xbox buttons.
  17. remember, iq_132 is working on it... nuff said. how ironic would it be if only the xbox can handle it when a pc can't?
  18. I may be reading this wrong but the tone seems to be mocking the number of releases and revisions. I do not think this is aligned with the attempt at a fresh start here. in fairness sharpy that post was from a while ago anyway ill try and keep things positive it's not like i was wrong... and on average, co3 was released in november so... co4 next week; then co5 in 3 months give or take. also, i don't think kidding around is a bad thing. take a stab at my fbl release. you should know sharp that i mentioned that you head the arcade section here due to your experience... i stand by that that still.
  19. I wasn't sure to make it as I needed more information. Could you please reply with the relevant links to these projects? I have not always been that active in this forum -- has there been a lot of previous discussions of xport/madmab? Please link to some topics if you can. i'll um, crawl back under my rock...
  20. Final Burn Legends 1.10 beta (Why beta? Well, kinda a "before iq_132 version" is (if) released version.) ............ Enjoy! destronger What's New: - Updated emulator core to FB Alpha; many games added and/or improved. See official changelogs for details. {C}http://www.barryharris.me.uk/{C} - Roll back on games like 'Guardians' and such. - Note: this is just a beta of a WIP that +T+ was working on. I went ahead compiled it and rolled back the Toaplan & Psykio cores to v1.9 for this release. - Gimmie a break... this is my first time doing this. Besides, iq_132 is working a version of this too which will be better. destronger 1emulation.com emuxtras.net Notes: I've packaged this as an upgrade from either FBL 1.9. Just copy the included files over your existing installation and it should work fine. However, a clean installation is always recommended. ( i.e. install FBL 1.9 and then overwrite with 1.10 beta ) Downloads: at the usual place... (thanks +T+) Thanks to: The usual thanks go to everyone on the FB Alpha team. and to +T+ for leeting me get my hands on the source. Also, iq_132 for answering some questions. p.s. i hope this works. or crashes and burns...
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