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  1. The Nintendo DS kiosk at GameCrazy looked like it was played with a key. They took it down and sold the DS system to some stupid kid.
  2. i was at walmart yesterday. they dont even have an xbox kiosk, let alone a working ps2 one.
  3. I'll wait til its on Showtime.
  4. AnimeSuki has a big database of licensed stuff and there is a huge list here too http://www.animeondvd.com/licenselist/
  5. Most anime subtitle groups do not release their subtitles files. They usually encode them into the episode.
  6. That's a great song Smilee. I am listening to Elliott Smith right now.
  7. The latest built (binary) of atari++ for the win32 platform and CVS Snapshot has been updated. »» Homepage/Download Thanks to Emulator-Zone for the news!
  8. don't quote me on that. i am not sure if thats true or not.
  9. naruto has been boring for about a month and a half now Blood+ just started and it looks promising. It's based off the OVA Blood The Last Vampire. Only has about 52 episodes.
  10. #2's name is Zeus. (if you're talkingabout the dog ) H'es a Boxer.. #13 is just tea.
  11. Are these coming to the U.S.? One game you forgot I dunno abou a U.S. release date if there is any at all is Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana some screens: http://www.jeux-france.com/news12858_child...nd-la-pose.html I'm waiting for that one to come to the U.S. GameFAQs has it listed for Q1 of 2006.
  12. »» Homepage/Downloads Thanks to Aep-emu for the news!
  13. Could this also affect AIM? Or is it just my bad connection? Cos I keep getting disconnetced from AIM.
  14. I can't seem to connect to my friends website either. But my connection is very sketchy as of late. (the past two weeks my modem has stopped working for several hours)
  15. they have different people animating it. they have like a filler team and a team taht does work on stuff that follows the comic. i buy the manga when it is released here in the states but its not as far as it is in japan. i don't like reading scans of it on my pc so i just wait for it to come out here.
  16. I love my DS but I haven't played it in a few weeks. I am too broke at the moment to get some new games for it. But I am just waiting for Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing. My older bro has a PSP and is thinking of getting a DS for himself to just play Castlevania.
  17. »» Homepage Thanks to Emulation64 for the news!
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