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  1. Just put about a teaspoon of white rice in the bag and that will keep out the moisture.
  2. Damn we been busy haven't we Robert. Nice job though!
  3. maybe. but i still think showing appreciation around the year is better than focusing on one day. but then., this is the adult me that is talking I agree totally with what you are saying but it is nice to get that extra attention on on day.
  4. Maybe overrated a bit, but real fathers appreciate this day especially when their kids show them some appreciation,
  5. A Big Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there.
  6. My wife says I talk about nothing all the time
  7. Ya Paul he should own up to his mistakes and pay the price for them. Hold to your principles. It may seem like it is damaging your relationship with your father but in the end if he is any kind of father he will know he was in the wrong. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Can't believe you watched Human Centipede. I thought I was the only one that suffered through that horrible waste of time.
  9. Got my Mom a bluetooth speaker for her MP3 player. And of course I love my Mom who don't. Without her I would not be here.
  10. Would love to buy a mac book but too damn expensive. Love the audio editing features of Garage Band but alas I am not a rich boy. I instead use Sound Forge and Steinburg Cubase for all my music making editing for windows and it works great for me.
  11. Ya no bra with them puppies and you will get a black eye
  12. Live Wire - AC/DC BTW my favorite band of all time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RZRe-DpMBk
  13. Olympus Has Fallen....Great flick way better than the last Die Hard. Lots of action and Gerald Butler did some damn good acting.
  14. Got both and yes I use them a lot. Still spend way too much time on desktop just because it is in my bedroom for one thing...lol
  15. I am very interested in seeing what The President does about this. Not that what he does will have any effect on his career since he cannot be elected again. Will he though be know as The President who was too pussy footed to do anything about it or will he be know for the one who makes the once responsible pay for their crimes. I have always said that if we keep letting in the people who hate us and there are a lot who do....they burn are flags and spit at our faces....they will cause much pain to the people of The United States of America. I am all for freedom and for people coming here to e
  16. Yes it is easy to waste time on the internet that is for sure. I use mine a lot but I run my business through it so that is why. I also do all my banking and bill paying and buying materials so I do spend a lot of time not to mention the gaming and music.
  17. Nice look there L.S.D I thought this one was much better than the first. Lots more action for one and better acting I thought. Hopefully they continue to make more.
  18. Glad to see you have done this. I wish I could do this but just let me tell you it is a good thing you got this under control early because the older you get the harder it is to lose weight. I swear I can't seem to lose shit. I don't gain any but just can't get it off. I would exercise but with my health problems even that is hard to do. All I got to say is good for you.
  19. If any it would be the PS4. Not happy with Microsoft and the shit they are trying to pull. But most likely I will not buy any just stick with my pc. Maybe upgrade to a better VID Card.
  20. Good to see you L.S.D and life has a way of doing that. See you on Facebook every now and then. Hope all is well with you and yours.
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