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  1. ahh it will never happen even if the guy looks at it
  2. when did that interveiw take place??
  3. is this game emulated and would it work on mame or n e other emulators?
  4. oops i didn't mean fatal fury 1,2,3 i meen final fight
  5. hey i was just wondering if they emulated the model3 yet, i heard they have proper dumps and someone told me that its getting made is this tru
  6. added the character folder in the character directory then I edited the select.def. some characters work but some dont and some characters i download and run them they look all funny and their colors are weird is there n e way i can fix that
  7. hey guys i am having trouble importing some characters in winmugen, i had trouble importing some sfiii characters i did everything they told me to do but it wont show up on the character screen.
  8. is it possible to have hyper jump in mugen like in marvel vs cap series
  9. where can i get the characters and stages?
  10. can we actually play this game?
  11. yo guys can i take cps3 characters and put them on
  12. sorry guys del this thread there was another 1 myb ad
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