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  1. You can try to find out who hosts the site here. It'll probably include a number to call and everything.
  2. What're your new PC specs?
  3. I dunno if it's just me... but I found the beginning of Batman Begins way too long and drawn out with that ninja bullsh_t. Scarecrow = cool, long beginning and ninja bullsh_t = not cool.
  4. Doesn't bother to state how much CPU power (or even what type of CPU it is) or RAM it has... FAIL! He's right... it really doesn't say sh_t about it -- Chinese piracy.
  5. I'd like to recommend Psychic Killer Taromaru (Sega Saturn).
  6. Are you playing on an emulator?
  7. The first three are the best, in my opinion -- each just as good as the last just in different ways. It's hard far too hard for me to decide. Batman - This is the most serious movie of them all. Jack Nicholson was the absolute perfect choice to play the Joker. Michael Keaton pulls off the Batman persona the best out of all the actors, in my opinion. Wreaking havoc all over Gotham City with all the gas and stuff is unforgettable -- and the final scenes. Hell, Tim Burton directed this masterpiece! Batman Returns - Now we get two more awesome villains: Catwoman and the Penguin?! Awesome! Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito pull off these roles just as superbly as Jack Nicholson did with the Joker. On top of all that, we get the man himself in this movie: Christopher Walken. Catwoman does some severe ass kicking and the Penguin shows the extremely corrupt side of Gotham City to a tee. You also get to see the more sad side of the Penguin's life. I love this movie to death, and once again Tim Burton directs it -- and produces it. Batman Forever -- Jim Carrey in his prime as the Riddler... hell yes -- and Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face?! This movie is solid action packedness... my only gripe is that we're missing Michael Keaton. Val Kilmer does the role some justice though, and now we get Robin (Chris O'Donnell). The new element of Robin fits perfectly, and the obvious choice is for everyone to get into more trouble now that we have this other factor -- and it worked, the movie was awesome. This time Tim Burton only produced it... oh well. I like all three equally, I dunno.
  8. It probably tries to access the drive directly upon load -- which causes this. That, or I'm misunderstanding the problem/fix.
  9. This is quite possibly the hardest poll I've ever been presented with. I'm so torn.
  10. Yes, a sympathizer to the oppressed ultra emu author group!
  11. So, it didn't "suddenly" go blank... it fogged... which is part of the game.
  12. Thanks! ...and there's my 1,000th!
  13. In one more post, I will be the first EMU AUTHOR status holder to turn ULTRA MEMBER! It took a little over two and a half years and I've had a dam_ed good time here -- and look forward to 1,000 more posts! So long, ! (Thanks to Robert for informing me of this feat I've performed.)
  14. If I had a Wii, friends, and food... I would probably get this, lol.
  15. This is how I've had my CPS3 collection setup since MAME added support and ElSemi started working on his emulator. It allowed for easy switching between emulators, because they're both capable of running the ROM sets if you've got it setup like that.
  16. I forgot they made a PC port -- I'm going to have to obtain a copy of that, especially because it appears as though my poor litle PC is capable of running it.
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeitgeist_the_Movie
  18. I know... it was a little joke. If you don't know how a Pentecostal church goes on, you wouldn't get it.
  19. Bumped for the sake of pure awesomeness and getting the word out. You can thank me later.
  20. Taking note of this comment in relation to my original reply.
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